15 Smart Decorating Ideas for Your Foyer

by Chris Martin on February 6, 2014

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on interior design in their dens and family rooms. They also like to play around with the fixtures and wall colors found in their bathrooms. And the uber-creative types love to give their kitchens a complete makeover.

But so many people neglect to address the area of their home that will be seen initially by guests: their foyers. Here are some ideas about how to dress up a foyer or entryway:

  1. Floor mat. An attractive, durable entry mat will not only catch the eye of a visitor, but it will also help protect your interior flooring from tracked-in moisture and dirt.
  2. Runner. Placing a runner in the middle of your entryway floor helps draw your guests into the remainder of your home. Be sure to keep it free of furniture.
  3. Coat rack. Even when this piece is not in use during warm weather months, a stately coat rack can accent a foyer or tie its other elements together.
  4. Bench. This is a wise choice if you don’t have a true “mud room.” A padded bench with storage bins underneath lets people sit down while putting on or taking off their boots.
  5. Chandelier or pendant light. Especially if your foyer has a raised ceiling, this type of light fixture can provide the right amount of soft light. (Ideal height from floor: six feet, eight inches.)
  6. Accenting your banister or stairs. If your entryway shows a clear sightline to your stairs, jazz this area up with colorful stair rises, dark wood steps, and/or ornate banister rails and posts.
  7. Side table. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll use this small table for keys, purses, and/or seasonal knickknacks. Choose one with small drawers to store items like flashlights or spare keys.
  8. Lamp. Placing a floor lamp on a side table (or even a freestanding floor lamp) can cast an inviting glow that your guests will appreciate.
  9. Chair. A small wooden chair can be a convenient place to put on your shoes before you leave – or to wait expectantly for an honored guests to arrive!
  10. Shelving. Erecting some glass or hardwood wall shelves gives you an opportunity to place photos or keepsakes that can be viewed by visitors once they step into your home.
  11. Bold wall color. Nothing says, “Welcome!” like an expressive color that is painted on your foyer walls. Red, purple, or blue are popular choices.
  12. Art. One of more eye-catching pieces of wall art can give the sensation of being in a mini-gallery, while also showcasing your aesthetic tastes for your guests.
  13. Mirrors. Either a grand wall mirror or several smaller artistically-arranged mirrors can give the illusion of more space in your foyer.
  14. Family displays. Photo arrangements, a coat of arms, or a “wall print with words” immediately informs your visitors about where your priorities lie.
  15. Minibar. Or you can set up a spot where you can offer a beverage to your guest the moment they enter your home. It’s also inviting for the host after a long, hard day.

You know the saying: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thankfully, there are a number of approached to making your home’s foyer comfortable, functional, and unique.

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