20 Things You Probably Never Thought to Personalize

by Chris Martin on January 27, 2014

OK, you’ve undoubtedly seen (and probably own) plenty of different items that are personalized with someone’s name; from T-shirts and coffee mugs to jewelry and license plates. These days, it’s possible to personalize almost anything. As proof of this, here are twenty items you may not associate with being personalized.

We know your pet has one.

1. Coasters. You’ve got to set your drink down somewhere (usually). Why not put it on something that has your name on it?
2. Drink labels. Then again, perhaps it’s better to claim the source as your own. Customized labels for wine or liquor bottles can be placed on existing spirits or affixed to generic beverage bottles.
3. Clocks. You have a face. Every clock has a face. Why shouldn’t your name be on a clock?
4. Candy. Mints, candy hearts, and M&Ms are just some of the candies that can display your name on each tasty morsel. And no one can claim that they didn’t know that the candy belonged to you.
5. Wrapping paper. Who needs gift tags? If you’re giving a gift for Christmas, a wedding, or a birthday, one glance from the recipient at the wrapped gift and he or she will know it is from you.
6. Throw pillows. They’re soft, pretty, and squeezable. If you know someone like this, then they probably have couch or chair which needs a personalized throw pillow.
7. Lamp shades. It’s true – they now make artistic lamp shades which can fit different types of floor lamps but can be personalized to reflect the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

Personalized cakes are so 20th century.

8. Light switch covers. This is a good idea for a gift for a child. Put his or her name on the plate that covers the light switch in his or her room. It’ll be a hit!
9. Fake photo prints. They look like artistic photographs, but they can be altered to display someone’s name (like on the back of a sports jersey or carved into a tree).
10. Bobblehead dolls. Using photos, some companies make dolls with springy heads that resemble specific people. It’s where “unique personalization” meets “whimsically goofy.”
11. Mouse pads. It’s something they’ll use every day. Some suppliers let you customize a mouse pad using a virtual tool online, and they’ll ship it to you (or a gift recipient).
12. Smartphone cases. In addition to providing protection from moisture and shock, a personalize smartphone case leaves no doubt as to whom the device belongs.
13. Portable speakers. For people who like to plug their smartphone or digital music player into speakers, a personalized pair of portable speakers is a perfect gift idea.
14. Tools. Handymen (and handywomen) aren’t comfortable unless they have a tool in their hand. So put their name on a hammer, drill, saw, or similar implement.

Like her!

15. Poker chips. Now, when you host the poker party, your chips can say “You’re in (name)’s house now!” or “Make all checks payable to (name).”
16. Tailgate cooler chairs. It’s a soft-side cooler that holds beverages while it provides a place to sit down at tailgate parties. Personalize it, and you’ve got your seat until the game starts.
17. Fingernails. Salons are putting everything on fingernails now. Why not have your name (or nickname) painted on them?
18. Ties. Imagine that man showing up at a party or function wearing a tie that says, “(Name)’s only fancy/clean/unstained tie.” Priceless!
19. A star. Yes, you can even name your own star now. Though you’ll be the only one who knows about it.
20. A floor mat. You knew this was coming. A personalized floor mat is an ideal item for a bedroom, man cave, kitchen floor, or any other space that needs floor protection. So check out Ultimate Mats today to see about getting one for yourself or that special someone.

Almost any image, logo, slogan, or name can be put on this mat.

Image credit #4: Ultimate Mats

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