5 Ways Entrance Mats Set the Tone in your Lobby

by Chris Martin on June 6, 2014

Research has shown that walking through a doorway acts as sort of a “separator” in a person’s mind – sort of like starting a new chapter of a book. (That’s why we sometimes walk into a room and forget what we were going there to do.) So when someone walks through a door and into the lobby of a business, they naturally adopt somewhat of a “mental clean slate;” which is a good thing for businesses whose aim is to make a solid first impression on their guests.

An entrance mat from Ultimate Mats can help you in your strategy to set the proper tone for people who enter your lobby. How can a simple floor mat do that?

Entrance mats
  • It draws their attention. Many people happen to be looking down when they enter an establishment so they can see where they are stepping. When they notice your entrance mat, they recognize the fact that you have chosen to protect your lobby floor. This is especially important if the weather outside is rainy or snowy, because it gives them a spot on which to wipe their shoes. Both of these thoughts send the message that you as a business owner care about their needs – and their safety.
  • It accents the rest of your decor. Since Ultimate Mats entrance mats are available in a wide variety of colors, you can choose one that blends perfectly with the rest of your interior design. Together with the rest of your lobby elements, this helps create the proper mood and ambiance that you are trying to establish for your guests. The last thing you want is an overly-conspicuous floor mat to tarnish the overall look of your lobby.
  • It emulates quality. Every durable, attractive entrance mat from Ultimate Mats is made to work hard while maintaining its like-new appearance. When visitors notice the level of quality in your mat, they’ll unconsciously transfer that opinion to the rest of your business, which will help set it apart from your competitors. Conversely, a cheap, flimsy entrance mat might indicate to your customers that you’re trying to cut corners and pinch pennies wherever you can – which is not the image you want to portray.
  • It can help with your business branding. If you prefer, you can invest in a logo entrance mat that can showcase your business logo, name, or message in vibrant color and detail. Logo mats can be an integral piece of your branding strategy to depict your business in the precise manner which you are intending. Effective brand management allows the customer to associate your goals, strengths, and values with that of your business name or logo, which leads to a more engaged and loyal customer.
  • It prevents them from slipping and falling. Permitting visitors to lose their footing and tumble onto a dirty or slippery lobby floor does not establish the optimum tone if you’re trying to earn their business. Not only does such a mishap significantly taint the image of your business in the person’s mind, but it may also lead to costly medical bills for which you may be liable. Placing an entrance mat in front of your front door reduces the chances of slip-and-fall accidents by protecting your floors from soils and moisture that can create hazardous conditions.
Entrance mats

With an impressive selection of entrance mats, Ultimate Mats can help you set the appropriate tone for your business. Doing this is the first step in providing your customers with a positive experience, which boosts the chances of repeat business as well as word-of-mouth referrals. These two elements are essential in the success of every enterprise. So check out Ultimate Mats’ product line today and find the perfect entrance mat for your lobby!

Written by Chris Martin

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