7 Myths that a Mat Rental Company May Tell You

by Chris Martin on May 12, 2014

You could say that America is a nation of renters. We rent everything from movies and steam cleaners to cars and houses. After all, renting can often meet our needs just as easily as buying can – without waylaying our wallet.

What about floor mats for your business? Companies that rent these mats out will tell you that it’s a much better alternative than purchasing brand new floor mats.

But they’re not being very straight with you. In fact, here are seven of the myths that you may hear from a mat rental company:

Mat rental
They’re fine for story time, but they have no place in floor mat discussions.
  1. “Renting mats is less expensive for you.”
    Really? Let’s say you’re renting three 3×5 foot entry mats at 20 cents a square foot per week. That means that you’re paying $9 a week for these mats, which comes out to $468 a year. But if you were to purchase three entry mats outright from Ultimate Mats, you would pay about $180 plus shipping. That’s about a 60% savings over just a year’s time!
  2. “We’ve got the size and type of mats you need.”
    In reality, most rental companies offer a limited selection of mats, some of which may have to be placed side-by-side to cover a certain area. Plus, they may use interior mats in doorways, exterior mats for anti-fatigue purposes, and so on.
  3. “We’ll swap out new mats while we clean your old ones.”
    Don’t be fooled by the word “new.” The mats may be different, but they could be as old as eight to ten years. This leads to inconsistency in the mats’ appearance and performance.
Mat rental
Don’t worry – the rental company will come change this mat in a few days. Really.
  1. “We’ll change your mats and clean them regularly.”
    It’s not uncommon for a rental facility to leave all kitchen, anti-fatigue, and outdoor scraper mats alone. Then you’re stuck cleaning them yourself or complaining that they need to be swapped out.
  2. “Our mats work just as well as the ones you can buy.”
    Typical rental mats are of inferior quality, lacking crush-resistant bi-level surfaces, moisture-trapping water dams, and long-lasting performance. Instead, rental mats tend to permit dirt and liquid to be tracked into your business.
  3. “Our mats are eco-friendly.”
    Even if they’re made of environmentally-friendly materials, the mats usually require more frequent cleanings; which means more energy and chemicals are used. Plus, the rental company trucks need fuel to transport these mats from place to place. That’s not a very green process.
  4. “It’s more convenient for you to have us clean and maintain your mats, instead of doing it yourself.”
    Again, really? If someone cleans your floors daily, then he or she can take on the function of cleaning your floor mats pretty easily. And since rental company cleaning intervals could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, your mats may remain dirty for long periods of time between cleanings.
Mat rental
That’s much better.

See? Buying high-quality floor mats is much more beneficial than paying weekly rental fees for subpar products. To see how your floor protection needs can be met, check out the full line of floor mats at the Ultimate Mats website today. The prices are affordable, ordering and shipping are a breeze, and the mats themselves will look great and perform well for many years. That’s the honest truth!

Written by Chris Martin

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