8 Tips For Choosing The Right Colors For Logo Mats

by Chris Martin on June 10, 2014

You’re a smart business owner if you’re considering investing in a logo mat for your office or storefront. Not only will a high-quality logo mat protect your interior floors from dirt and moisture, it will also contribute to the overall branding, marketing, and tone of your enterprise.

If you already have an established logo or your company name in a predetermined font or style, then the decision of what to put on your logo mat takes care of itself. But what if you have some flexibility regarding the image or message for your mat?

Logo mats

If that’s the case, you might want to think harder about which colors to use on your logo mat. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Feel the power. If you want your business to exude power, strength, or authority, use a lot of red and some black as well. Red will draw attention to your image, and the black will exude intelligence. Also, dark purple can deliver an air of sophistication, wisdom, and wealth.
  2. Be one with the earth. To show how eco-friendly you are, pick green as one of your main colors. In addition to its obvious references to the environment, green also portrays generosity and peace.
  3. Don’t worry, be happy. If you want your customers to feel joy and happiness, then yellow should be the primary color on your logo mat. The color of sunshine also evokes laughter and creativity.
  4. Go easy on the whites and greys. While white symbolizes purity and innocence, it also tends to display dirt and soil more than you might want. And grey is such a neutral color that it should only be used to offset some of the vibrancy of your other color selections.
Logo mats
  1. Blue does not mean sad. On the contrary, blue is associated with productivity, efficiency, and intellect. So if these are the core competencies of your business, a blue image will help hammer that point home in your customers’ minds.
  2. Be festive. If you want to create an atmosphere of fun and merriment, orange acts as a signal that your business is where the party is. Orange is also more likely to get you noticed than any other color (which is why construction areas display it liberally).
  3. Stay calm. If you want to set a calm, welcoming tone for your customers, you may want to opt for various shades of pink or light purple. Pink calls to mind warm and tranquil scenes, while light purple is linked with meditation and contemplation.
  4. Don’t get too crazy. There’s nothing wrong with using a variety of colors. Just make sure that your business name, slogan, or logo can be clearly read on the mat – or your message may be lost in translation.
Logo mats

Ultimate Mats offers a wide variety of logo mats to choose from. And with dozens of available colors, you can create a logo or design that is unique to your business and its values. Ultimate Mats’ state-of-the-art three-dimensional printing system can also render photos, artwork, and complex fonts accurately and beautifully. So check out Ultimate Mats’ selection of logo mats today – and let your colorful imagination run wild!

Written by Chris Martin

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