A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Anti-Fatigue Mat

by Chris Martin on May 24, 2014

Hey business owners! How would you like to purchase a product that improves morale, raises productivity, reduces absenteeism, and lowers workers’ compensation costs?

No it’s not a magic wand. Or a big pile of money. It’s an anti-fatigue mat from Ultimate Mats!

Research has shown that workers who stand for long periods of time are fresher and less sore when they use anti-fatigue mats. And when you eliminate employee fatigue, it can lead to all of those positive effects mentioned above.

Anti-fatigue mat
It’s not a magic wand, but it’s close.

Next question: which anti-fatigue mat is ideal for your business? Here are some areas to consider:

  • Size. For workers who tend to stand in one spot like checkout clerks, assembly line workers, and security personnel, a standard size anti-fatigue mat will do. But for employees who frequently move between stations – like, say, laboratory workers or dishwashers – a longer mat that spans those stations may be more appropriate.
  • Color. If the employee and anti-fatigue mat will not be in public view, then the mat color doesn’t really matter. Otherwise, you should try to match the hue with the surrounding decor. Hog Heaven Plush and Confetti mats offer a choice of nine different colors between them.
  • Floor surface. If the area where your anti-fatigue mat will be is constantly wet, dusty, or grease-covered, then your mat must have the proper traction to remain stable. All Ultimate Mats’ anti-fatigue mats are certified to be slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute; and the Hog Heaven 5/8″ and 7/8″ and Ortho I mats are resistant to chemicals, oils, and grease products.
  • Floor hygiene. Typical floors aren’t usually exposed to harmful bacteria, but those in kitchens, bathrooms, car washes, or other moisture-heavy areas may be susceptible to these nasty microorganisms. Luckily, the Ortho I mats are the leading anti-microbial anti-fatigue mats on the market today.
  • Sensitivity of tools or supplies. If your business has workstations where employees assemble or repair delicate objects or parts, then you may worry about falling pieces that may break or crack if they hit a hard floor. These companies may want to opt for 7/8″ thickness mats for that extra bit of cushioning to reduce chances of breakage.
  • Static-resistance. If your workers stand in a room that’s exceptionally dry or contains sensitive electronics, then it’s important that your mats do not contribute to harmful charges of static electricity. Luckily, all Ultimate Mats anti-fatigue mats are static dissipative, so this is never an issue.
  • Wheeled traffic. You may have carts, baskets, or hand trucks which commonly pass by your workstations. If so, it may be better for the mats to have beveled edges so they are less likely to catch on the wheels of these items. The Hog Heaven Confetti and Plush anti-fatigue mats feature these convenient beveled edges.
  • Dependability. Above all, you need your anti-fatigue mats to do their job year after year. Ultimate Mats offers the most dependable and durable anti-fatigue mats found anywhere – so you can’t go wrong whichever one you choose!
Anti-fatigue mat
Fashionable, sturdy, and functional. Those are the traits you want in an anti-fatigue mat.

All of Ultimate Mats anti-fatigue mats are made with recycled content, and you’ll receive a per-unit discount if you buy several mats at one time. If you have questions about which anti-fatigue mat is best suited for your workplace, call the experts at Ultimate Mats at 1-866-374-3756, or check out the full line of anti-fatigue mats today!

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

Written by Chris Martin

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