Contest: Turn Your Logo Mat Into Cash!

by Chris Martin on March 9, 2014

A high-quality logo mat from Ultimate Mats carries a treasure trove of benefits. It can provide a welcoming first impression for all customers and visitors to your business. It can complement your existing marketing strategy by helping to showcase your name or logo and reinforce your brand. And of course, the logo mat will help keep your business’s floors clean, safe, and beautiful.

But did you know that your sturdy, versatile logo mat from Ultimate Mats can be your gateway to a little extra cash? It’s true!

Ultimate Mats is hosting an ongoing contest involving its clients who have ordered a logo mat in either 2013 or 2014. The contest involves showing off your logo mat on Facebook for the entire world to see, and receiving a Visa gift card in return. And if your logo mat is the most popular, you could earn another Visa gift card worth $100!

Here’s how the contest works.

1. Purchase a new logo mat (in any style or shape) from Ultimate Mats.

2. Display it in your business (or home) and take a digital photo of it.

3. Send the photo of your logo mat to Ultimate Mats.

4. Get a $10 Visa gift card just for doing so!

5. Ultimate Mats will then post your photo on our Facebook page. All of our Facebook friends will be able to “Like” your photo and comment on it, as well as other photos of logo mats from other customers.

6. At the end of each month, the owner of the logo mat whose photo received the most “Likes” will win a $100 Visa gift card from Ultimate Mats!

[Each logo mat is eligible to win only one $100 Visa gift card, though Ultimate Mats customers who order multiple styles of logo mats can enter each one separately. Each Facebook “like” must be accompanies by a comment in order for it to be counted in the contest. The closing date for each month’s contest will be the last business day of the given month. And of course, the photos you submit can be used for advertising and other purposes by Ultimate Mats. Complete contest rules can be found here.]

Even though it’s not the Powerball lottery jackpot, the extra money you could win can certainly do some good for your business. The $10 Visa gift card can go toward office supplies, a free lunch for you, or a subscription to a digital trade publication. And the $100 Visa gift card could help you purchase a piece of new equipment, a “thank you” lunch for your entire staff, or annual membership dues for a trade or civic organization. Or you could use either card as a prize in conjunction with an employee incentive program!

So why put off buying an Ultimate Mats logo mat for another day? You can put your preferred logo, company name, or slogan on a Prestige, Classic Impressions, SuperScrape Impressions or Signature, or WaterHog Inlay or Signature mat. Ultimate Mats’ state-of-the-art digital printing system can display your chosen image with vibrant colors and sharp clarity. And with proper maintenance and care, your logo mat will keep its like-new appearance for years to come. For information and assistance on ordering your very own Ultimate Mats logo mat, visit our website or call us at 866-374-3756.

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