Could Personalized Mats Be Your Next Family Tradition?

by Chris Martin on February 22, 2014

Whether they’re formal or unspoken, almost every family has some sort of tradition. Whether it’s an annual ritual like attending Christmas church services or going on a summer beach vacation, or something quirky like singing “Happy Birthday” off-key to family members or having snowball fights on winter days, these traditions help reinforce family unity and demonstrate its members’ love for one another. There’s no boundaries when it comes to family traditions. Here’s an idea: why not start a new one with personalized mats for your family’s front door? Make Your Mat Your Own

These days, you can have almost anything printed on the surface of a floor mat. Why not put the surname of your family out next to your front door for all of your guests to see? You can opt for a basic look, or you can combine it with a decorative background or a complementary monogram. Some mats are pre-cut into fun shapes or designs to add a unique appearance to your personalized mat. When designing your own customized mat, you don’t have to stop with just your name emblazoned on it.

If you have a specific family crest, a special logo (of a school, perhaps), or some other designation (like a military emblem or symbol), any of these can be printed on the mat along with your family name. You can even add an appropriate “slogan” as well, such as “Established 1976,” “Go Eagles,” or “Proud Navy Family.”

Of course, personalized mats work well for households which haven’t yet begun their family. Thankfully, couples can also have fun designing a custom mat as part of their (future) family tradition. A heart with the first names of both residents inside it (“Courtney + John”), the logo of a fictional establishment (“Dave and Wendy’s Love Shack”), or an appropriate slogan or catchphrase (Welcome to Sid and Charlotte’s House – An old grump and a beautiful person live here”) are some cute ideas for the two-person home.

Use Images and Designs

By the way, these personalized mats can display colors, images, and photos as well as text. So if your family likes the beach, you might love a mat with pictures of sand, seashells, and flip flops surrounding your surname. Or you could portray each member of the family in a “cartoon” figure alongside their individual name (in the vein of those car window stickers). Better yet, get an informal family photo and have it printed on the mat along with your name so people will know exactly who is behind the front door. Finally, you can create one or more personalized mats that coincide with your family’s holiday traditions.

Think about displaying a Christmas mat (“Merry Christmas from the Holloways!”), a Halloween mat (“The Smiths’ Haunted House – enter at your own risk!”), or Independence Day (“The Wagners salute America!”) along with the rest of your holiday decorations. You’ll have the most festive front porch on the block!

Let Ultimate Mats help you begin your new family tradition with a personalized mat that fits your tastes and style. There are plenty of different mats to choose from in a variety of sizes, colors, and price points. Then let everyone in the neighborhood gaze upon your new family tradition whenever they visit! Image credits:,,

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