Custom Mats for Dishwashers

by Chris Martin on February 28, 2014

If you want to run a successful food service establishment, you need to have help from every single member of your team. You can’t simply rely on your chef and cooking staff. Nor can you place all of your trust in your servers and hostesses. It’s not even solely about your sales and marketing personnel who try to get customers in the door. It’s everybody; right down to the dishwasher in the back of your kitchen.

That’s right. If your dishwasher isn’t doing his job, then it takes longer to turn tables and prepare entrees. As a result, you may be forced to make patrons wait longer than they otherwise would. And if your customer service is perceived to be slipping, your business might find itself on a slippery slope toward failure.

How do you stop that slippage before it starts? With a high-quality custom mat for your dishwasher, of course.

Keep The Floors Dry

In any kitchen area, it’s practically impossible to keep water from getting onto the floors in the dishwashing area. Even if you have someone mop the floors periodically throughout the day, you still run the risk of significant water accumulation over time. That can lead to gradual erosion of your flooring, baseboards, walls, and equipment. But if you have a thirsty, durable floor mat near your sink, racks, and dishwashing area, that water will get soaked up by the mat instead of running on to your floor. A WaterHog mat from Ultimate Mats might be ideal; after all, they are capable of trapping a gallon and a half of water per square yard!

Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Even if heavy moisture accumulation isn’t an issue for you (maybe you have a drain in the floor of your kitchen), it’s still important to keep the floors as dry as possible. Otherwise, your dishwasher becomes susceptible to succumbing to a slip-and-fall accident. You might not think that a dishwasher can hurt himself by falling near a sink, unless he happens to hit his head on the side of the sink. Or catch his hand on a sharp edge of a piece of equipment (or a knife on a counter). Or burn his arm while trying to regain his balance near a hot grill or oven. You get the idea. Any slip-and-fall accident could result in pain and absenteeism for your dishwasher, as well as steep workers’ compensation-related costs for you. So why not purchase a slip-resistant Tri-Grip mat for your dishwashing area?

Fight Dishwasher Fatigue

Finally, even if your dishwasher remains upright, he’s still subject to fatigue and soreness from being on his feet all day. Not only will he experience discomfort, but his productivity will likely drop as well (and perhaps his morale). You can prevent this by placing an anti-fatigue mat in front of the sink. These revolutionary products have been proven to alleviate fatigue in workers who use them.

So if you want to treat your dishwasher, right, get him a custom mat from Ultimate Mats. It will show not only him, but all of your employees that you are committed to their well-being. In return, they’ll give you 110% every night – which will maximize the chances of success for your restaurant.

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