Custom Mats: They’re Not Just for the Floor

by Chris Martin on March 6, 2014

If it looks great on your floor, then it will probably be just as attractive on your wall.

Think about it: how many times have you see nice-looking tile backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or bathroom tile borders? In some cases, a few hand-painted floor tiles can serve as an eye-catching artistic wall hanging that can improve the look of a room.

The same concept goes for custom mats. Since modern digital printing processes can produce vibrant, colorful images on these mats, they may bolster the aesthetics of a room even more by hanging it on the wall rather than placing it on the floor.

Imagine seeing a beautiful custom mat on the wall in your…

  • Bar. Taverns, pubs, and other watering holes are home to some of the most eclectic wall hangings found anywhere. In this atmosphere, a custom mat would be right at home.
  • Warehouse. Since the walls tend to be bigger in these spaces, why not just hang a large custom mat on one of them? Emblazon it with the company name, logo, or a helpful slogan (like “Safety First!”).
  • Gym. Weightlifters, spinners, and walkers need something to focus on while working out. A colorful, well-designed custom mat can accomplish that goal. Plus, it will stand up well to sweat and particulates that may be present in a fitness facility.
  • Garage. It’s a wall hanging for a garage area that will repel dirt, dust, and even oil or grease. That’s why it will look great for years on the inside of a commercial or residential garage.
  • Patio. If you have an eatery with an outdoor seating area, a custom mat can spruce up the walls while repelling the elements. The same goes for a deck or patio area behind a residence.
  • Hallway. It can be challenging to decorate these “transitional spaces” between rooms. Why not cover much of the length of one wall with a decorative custom mat?
  • Den. If your den is spacious and casual, a custom mat with your family name, crest, or coat of arms can be a unique accent and a cool conversation piece for your gathering place.
  • Craft room. It’s nice to have a separate space for your hobbies and projects. Putting a custom mat gives it the perfect blend of “I make beautiful things here!” and “Let’s get to work!”
  • Finished basement. In addition to sprucing up an enclosed space, a custom mat can also provide additional insulation from the outdoors (and a little extra protection against potential flooding).
  • Mancave. Put your favorite team, logo, player, or other image on your awesome wall hanging. Plus, it adds a little soundproofing to the room to drown out the cheering during the ball game.

The best thing about having a custom mat on your wall? You can put anything you want on it. So why don’t you check out the wide selection of custom mat types, sizes, shapes, and colors at Ultimate Mats today? The professionals at Ultimate Mats can help you design a one-of-a-kind mat that will complement any decor – from informal to upscale. Visit the Ultimate Mats website today – because mats aren’t only for floors anymore.

Image credits: Ultimate Mats

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