Entrance Mats: What Are Your Options?

by Chris Martin on February 25, 2014

For many years, there were really only two choices when it came to entrance mats. You could either buy a consumer-sized “Welcome” mat or an industrial-size generic-looking floor mat. But today, there are numerous options in the entrance mat marketplace. It’s much easier to purchase a mat that perfectly suits your individual needs as a homeowner or business owner.


Probably the first consideration should be whether the entrance mat will be placed outside or inside the front door. If the mat is inside a building or covered entry area, it may not need to be as resistant to the elements. The same thing goes for a mat that is outside the door but inside an office building or under a well-covered walkway or sidewalk. However, if the entrance mat is exposed to rain, snow, slush, or even ice, or if it sits close to an unpaved parking lot which can become muddy, it needs to be able to trap moisture and soils effectively.

Home or Business Use?

A similar thought process should be adopted depending on whether the mat is for a residence or a business. In most cases, a business will see significantly more foot traffic than a home will, so the entrance mat for a storefront or office should be more rugged and durable. And if the business is likely to attract more dirt and mud than average (either because of its location or that fact that it caters to outdoor workers), then the entrance may must be dependable enough to stop all soils at the door so as to keep the interior floors clean and safe.


In addition, size matters when it comes to entrance mats. The width of these mats should never be less than 80 percent of the width of the door opening by which they sit; otherwise, visitors are likely to miss the mat entirely.  For most single doors, this isn’t a problem; but businesses who have double, sliding, or automatic doors may need to purchase a larger sized mat. Also, the mats should be long enough to allow guests or customers to take at least two steps on the mat (one for each foot); otherwise, the moisture and soils from one shoe will wind up on the interior floors. Finally, the mats themselves should not be too thick to prevent the easy opening and closing of the doors themselves.

Emblazoned With a Logo?

For some businesses, putting a logo on the entrance mat is a wise investment. It enables the business owner to use his or her mat as both floor protection and a marketing tool. In certain cases, a logo mat will help identify the front door of a business, which is especially helpful inside a homogenous office complex on in a strip mall where signage may be designed to attract vehicle traffic rather than pedestrians.


Finally, the perfect entrance mat accents the interior of the business itself. Modern floor mats are available in a wide variety of colors to match almost any business or home decor. And mats don’t have to be rectangular; some of them have ovals on one or both ends to add a little decorative touch to the space.

Ultimate Mats Can Help

Ultimate Mats has an excellent selection of entrance mats, from the heavy-duty WaterHog to the rugged SuperScrape Impressions to the fashionable ColorStar. And all of Ultimate Mats’ products are recognized as being slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. So no matter what your floor protection issues may be, Ultimate Mats has an entrance mat that will address them. So contact Ultimate Mats today!

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