Help Foster Holiday Cheer (and Fewer Problems) with Floor Mats!

by Chris Martin on December 6, 2014

The holiday season is here! For many business owners, this time of year warrants a great big holiday cheer!

Floor mats

Yippee! Holidays! Good tidings! Gifts!

But ’tis also the season where these entrepreneurs put the “busy” in business owner. They have to get out all of their Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, plan and arrange their holiday marketing, and schedule additional staff to fill in for vacationing employees as well as for the expected uptick in visitors.

However, most business owners may not be thinking about floor mats during this most wonderful time of the year. In reality, the holidays call for the strategic use and placement of floor mats which usually isn’t warranted during the previous ten months.

More Shoppers? More Floor Mats

For starters, most retail stores (and other types of businesses) will probably see a huge increase in foot traffic. Obviously, that could translate into more dirt and moisture on your floors as well as more opportunities for someone to slip and fall. Putting wiper mats near your entryways will help keep your floors clean and safe.

Hopefully, more shoppers will result in higher sales – but that means a larger number of people heading toward your checkout stands. Since any dirt that does make it into your store may accumulate near your cash registers, it’s smart to take preventive measures in these areas. So it’s not a bad idea to place an interior mat near each checkout counter (or at least put one in the roped-off area where the checkout line forms).

Floor mats

During the holidays, you love to see him (and all of his friends and neighbors) inside your business.

Floor mats are even more important if you’re planning on holding a time-sensitive, mega-bargain event (like those often seen on Black Friday). These promotions can potentially draw dozens or even hundreds of people into your store at one time. The liberal use of floor mats is highly recommended in an atmosphere where even minor jostling can result in someone losing their balance on a slick floor.

Dicey Weather Conditions

In many locales, the holidays always fall smack dab in the middle of inclement weather season. So on days when it might be snowing, icing, or raining, thirsty entry mats are a necessity in order to keep your shop’s floors dry. Otherwise, the flooring near your front door can get wet and treacherous in a matter of minutes during periods of outdoor precipitation.

Let Your Floor Mat Put You in the Holiday Spirit!

Finally, here’s another important aspect of floor mats that you may not have thought about. Since it’s the holiday season, why not order a beautiful logo mat to spruce up your storefront? Whether it’s a happy seasonal greeting or a holiday-themed image of your business logo, these floor mats can function as a marketing tool as well as a floor protection measure.

Ultimate Mats: Your One-Stop Holiday Mat (Online) Shop!

If you need any of these types of floor mats for the upcoming holiday season, you should turn to Ultimate Mats. They have the widest selection of interior, wiper, entry, and logo mats available in a plethora of sizes and colors. So before you get swamped by all of the other tasks on your holiday to-do list, go ahead and visit the Ultimate Mats website now and place your order today. Then you’ll have one less problem to worry about during this crazy holiday season!

Make this floor mat part of your holiday "decor."

Written by Chris Martin

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