How To Select Floor Mats In The Right Size

by Chris Martin on June 14, 2014

You want to keep your floors as protected from dirt, mud, and water as possible. But you can’t buy floor mats for your entire floor space. Therefore, you should try to purchase the biggest floor mat that you can afford. Right?

Not necessarily. A floor mat that is too large can cause other issues throughout your business or home. Instead, what you’re shooting for is the “Goldilocks Effect:” not too big, and not too small. Here are some suggestions on finding the ideal-sized mat for the space you need.

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Mat Width

Let’s start with the width of the mat. The general rule of thumb is that an entry mat should be at least 80% of the width of any door frame near where the mat is placed. For single entry doors which have an average width of about three feet, that’s a pretty low bar to clear.

The problem comes when the mat greatly exceeds the width of the entry door(s). Then it’s possible that the edges of the mat will lay underneath or up against other objects, like furniture, plants, displays, or even walls. Usually, this takes away from the aesthetics of the interior space, and if the mat’s edges are a tripping hazard a dangerous situation is created. Placing a mat underneath something heavy can also create problems. For instance, it can be troublesome to move the object every time you need to clean the mat.

Mat Length

Next, there’s the length of the mat to consider. Conventional wisdom is to have an entry mat that’s long enough to make it possible for people to take two steps (without stopping) while on the mat. This makes it easy to clean off each shoe. Any floor mat that’s at least four feet long can satisfy that requirement.

But if your entry mat extends too far away from the door, you could run into similar issues like you would if the mat is too wide. Also, a mat that’s too long might allow its sides to stretch in front of other doors or doorways (as in a narrow hallway). When this happens, the edges of the mat can present a tripping danger to people approaching the mat from the side. Sometimes, this problem can be solved by buying a mat that has an oval end rather than a basic rectangular mat.

Floor mats

Finally, there’s the issue of clearance. If you are going to place a floor mat in front of a door, make sure that there is enough space between the top of the mat and the bottom of the door. Otherwise, the door will scrape across the surface of the mat (or even get stuck) whenever it opens and closes. The obvious solution is to place the mat on the side of the door that doesn’t have the hinges – but this is not always possible.

Find the Right Size Mat at Ultimate Mats

Ultimate Mats offers several different entry mat options, all of which are available in a wide variety of sizes – from a small two-by-three foot mat to larger six-by-twenty foot mats. They can even customize a size for your home or business if necessary. In addition, certain mats (like the WaterHog Grand Classic or Eco Grand Premier) are available with one or two oval ends, which is helpful if the shape of your mat is important.

Check out all Ultimate Mats floor mats today at the web site, and feel free to contact them at 866-374-3756 if you have any questions about the size of your floor mat. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Ultimate Mats will work hard to find you the mat that’s absolutely perfect for your home or business!

Floor mats

Written by Chris Martin

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