Logo Mats Can Be Photographically Beautiful!

by Chris Martin on November 16, 2014

Logo Mats

You're good at taking pictures. A photo logo mat is another way to show off your skills!

Logo mats from Ultimate Mats represent the ideal combination of floor protection and business marketing. But many business owners have trouble envisioning precisely what they could have imprinted on a logo mat. Maybe their company name is already well-showcased on their building, or they don’t have a picturesque logo or catchy slogan that would be appropriate for a floor mat.

Here’s an idea: why not put a photo on your logo mat?

The technologically-advanced image printing system used by Ultimate Mats permits customers to take their favorite digital photographs onto their logo mat – thereby creating an attractive, one-of-a-kind product! The image can either stand alone on the logo mat or be incorporated into the design with text, logos, and/or borders. Imagine having a photographically beautiful logo mat in your entryway, lobby, or other high-traffic location!

There are plenty of options for customers who wish to create their own digital photo logo mat. Examples include:

1. A human face. For businesses who utilize the image of the owner (or founder) in their advertising, it makes perfect sense to extend this approach to a logo mat. The photo can either be a standard “head shot” or a partial or full-body shot. It can be a photo taken by a professional photographer or an image that was snapped by a high-quality smartphone. Whatever image is chosen, Ultimate Mats can transfer it from the computer screen to the floor mat.

Ideal for: a realtor

2. Employees. A logo mat might be a suitable place to display a picture of all of the employees who work at the business. This type of group photo serves to remind customers that the business does more than just provide products or services; it is run by people who do whatever they can to deliver superior service to everyone who passes through their doors.

Ideal for: an auto dealership

3. A pet. Some businesses have a dog, cat, or other animal as a sort of “mascot” for their business. Why not showcase your pet on your logo mat? Everyone loves animal photos, and your pet’s picture may be an excellent way for many customers to relate to (or remember) a business. You can even toss in a slogan like “Rex welcomes you!” or “Sasha, official customer greeter.”

Ideal for: a pet store

4. A signature product. Some businesses are well-known for a particular product they sell, so it would make sense to have that product prominently displayed on a logo mat. This is especially handy if the company name doesn’t immediately identify its type of business (such as “Tyler & Sons” or “Arizona Services, Inc.”).

Ideal for: a tractor dealership

Logo Mats

"Wow! This shot will look great on a logo mat!"

5. A breathtaking vista. Since some of the best photos are those taken in a scenic location, why not let this type of vista welcome your customers? Whether it’s a desert sunset, a sunny beach, or a mountain stream, this image can help set the tone and mood for your customers the moment they walk into your business.

Ideal for: a travel agency

Ultimate Mats can help you determine which type of logo mat and digital image would work well for your business needs. Plus, you’ll receive a proof of the design before you are required to submit your payment. So if you think that a particular digital photo would be an excellent marketing tool for your company, let Ultimate Mats print it on a logo mat for you. For the complete selection of logo mats available, visit the Ultimate Mats website today!

Logo Mats

Come on in! It's always 5:00 here!

Image credit #3: Ultimate Mats

Written by Chris Martin

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