New Year, New Entrance Mat

by Chris Martin on January 1, 2014

Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2014!

Any new year that a business reaches is cause for celebration, given the number of companies that go belly up in any given year. Plus, you should also pat yourself on the back for making it through another harried and stressful holiday season, which hopefully saw higher revenues and an expansion of your customer base.

And now that you’ve changed out your calendars, it may be time for a fresh start in many aspects of your business. A new year is an ideal time to start off with a clean slate, embark upon an exciting journey,  and pursue a new goal. And what better way to signify this rebirth of sorts by purchasing a new entrance mat!

You Probably Need a New Entrance Mat

Alright, this may not have been the first idea that popped into your mind. But obtaining a new entrance mat can act as both a symbolic and substantive move to help you set the tone for the remainder of 2014.  It’s especially relevant if your current entrance mat exhibits a less-than-stellar appearance. Undoubtedly, your current mat bears the signs of all of the heavy foot traffic that visited your store during the busy holiday season. And if you’ve had your mat for a few years, chances are you can see the effects of staining, crunching, cracking, curling, and/or deterioration that typifies worn out mats. Replacing it with a brand new entrance mat can help you turn over a new leaf this year – and your customers will notice.

Customers Will Appreciate Your New Entrance Mat

After all, consumers often notice the little things about a business and draw larger inferences from them. For example, if a beat-up, threadbare floor mat is one of the first items that they see when entering your business, they may subconsciously form a negative opinion about other aspects of your business. This in turn can color how they choose to spend their money (or not) on your products and services. Conversely, a shiny new floor mat (especially one that maintains its like-new appearance for a long time) may plant the idea in their heads that your business cares about its customers – including their safety from slips and falls. That line of thinking may spur them to patronize your business more often.

By the way, the improved safety is more than just a perception. Millions of people are injured each year by slips and falls that are least partially caused by floors or flooring materials. And if a customer is the victim of one of those falls, he or she could have grounds to file a lawsuit against your business. That could result in a substantial loss of time dealing with lawyers, not to mention increased insurance premiums and/or depleted funds as part of a settlement. In fact, these lawsuits can sometimes bankrupt a company entirely.

Check Out Ultimate Mats’ Selection of Logo Mats

You can also chart a new path in 2014 by investing in a logo entrance mat from Ultimate Mats. These mats will provide not only unmatched floor protection, but also additional advertising for your business without depleting your marketing budget. Choose from the cost-conscious Prestige mat, the Moisture-absorbent WaterHog Logo Inlay mat, the Beautiful Classic Impressions mat, or the hard-working SuperScrape Impressions mat. They’re all built to last for years without showing any fading, tearing, or curling.

Why not celebrate the new year with a new entrance mat from Ultimate Mats? It will start off 2014 on a positive note and set the tone for the next 12 months!

Image credit #3: Ultimate Mats

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