Oh, No! Look What the Kid Dragged In!

by Chris Martin on September 3, 2014

Have you heard this joke? A boy walks into a house, tracking in God-knows-what across a clean floor…

Gotcha! It’s not a joke at all. In fact, it may be almost a daily occurrence in your home – especially if you have active, creative, or inquisitive kids.

Think her hands are dirty? You should see her feet.

Sure, children can be sweet, cute, lovable, and even amazing at times. But no matter how unique each one is, all kids are stunningly consistent at managing to collect many different types of substances on their footwear. It’s almost like their shoes act as magnets for every kind of wayward material imaginable. Here’s just a sampling of what youngsters are capable of dragging into your home on their shoes:

  1. Water. It may not be readily visible, but it can make your floors pretty slippery. Children who have been swimming or playing in sprinklers don’t always dry off as well as they should before putting their shoes back on.
  2. Mud. Kids don’t necessarily have to play in muddy areas to get it on their shoes. Wet shoes combined with dry dirt equals mud on your floors.
  3. Soil. That said, boys and girls who dig, roll, or play in soil will probably have some on their shoes when they come in for a snack.
  4. Sand. It’s almost unavoidable if the youngsters have been to the beach. But even toddlers playing in sandboxes can take the sand indoors with them.
  5. Pollen. During the spring when a coat of pollen seems to descend on everything, kids will walk on it and get it on their shoes. And it can be especially problematic for allergy sufferers.
  6. Food. From crackers and candy to fruits and veggies, all children are likely to A) spill food while eating and then B) step on it while it’s on the ground.
Food doesn’t taste as good if you’re not wearing it, right?
  1. Beverages. Sodas and fruit juices tend to spill as well, and kids will often step in the “puddles.” Then you get those gross little sticky patches on your floor when your little ones come home.
  2. Ice cream. Children and ice cream go together like – well, kids and sticky fingers. But ice cream may be harder to get out of carpet than beverages.
  3. Gum. It’s Murphy’s Law: if there’s a lone wad of chewed gum on the ground, at least one child will step in it. Then it will gradually detach from their shoes once they return home.
  4. Crafts projects. Lots of kids can’t wait to show their parents what they made in arts and crafts. But one look at a floor covered in glitter, glue, play-doh, or paint will quickly reveal the materials used in the project.
  5. Animal poop. It’s gross, but it’s true. Call it Murphy’s Corollary of Pet Waste. And that smell can lurk within carpets for a long time.
  6. Mystery substance. It’s the answer to Mom’s age-old question “What did you get on your shoes?” Chances are, the kids won’t know – and mothers won’t want to know.

The moral of the story? Make sure you have a high-quality entry mat that is effective in scraping debris, particulates, and moisture off of footwear so that your floors stay clean. Ultimate Mats has a full line of mats that can help you with this task.

You can’t prevent kids from getting dirty. But with a durable floor mat, you can keep your floors safe and presentable. As far as the stuff under kids’ toenails, you’re on your own.

Yeah – good luck with that.

Written by Chris Martin

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