Quick Guide to Stain Removal for Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on June 18, 2014

All of the floor mats manufactured by Ultimate Mats are designed to keep the floors of your home or business clean and dry. Of course, if you perform periodic maintenance on your mats, they will last a long time while keeping their like-new appearance.

But even if you are meticulous about having clean mats and floors, there are still bound to be occasional spills and/or stains. Luckily, Ultimate Mats products are made so you have a wide variety of options when it comes to removing these stains. That said, it’s helpful to know what the preferred methods of stain removal are for each type of stain that you might encounter.

Floor mats
Don’t panic – there is a solution.

Detergent, White Vinegar

Let’s start with the least problematic stains. Most types of dirt, mud, and soil can simply be vacuumed up. But if they don’t come out immediately, then use a solution made of a gallon of warm water,a teaspoon of detergent and a teaspoon of white vinegar to blot it up. The same process works for other water-soluble stains like sodas, beer, milk, food dyes, berries, jelly, solid pet waste, or latex paint.

Ammonia, Nail Polish Remover

Other stains are a bit peskier, such as wine, chocolate, blood, mustard, coffee, or tea. In these instances, a tablespoon of ammonia in a cup of water should provide the power to remove these stains. And then there are the “greasier” stains, such as salad dressing, butter, cooking oil, crayon or tree sap. Mixing a cup of water with a quarter teaspoon of nail polish remover and blotting the stain is an effective method for these problems.


If you happen to find chewing gum or candle wax on your mat that won’t come out with vacuuming here’s a little trick you can try. Get some ice, either in a paper towel or an ice pack, to freeze the substance; then shatter it with a spoon, hammer, or other blunt object. The pieces should then be easy to suck up with the vacuum cleaner.

Floor mats
Drips from these hands don’t have to leave permanent stains. Iron them away.

Warm Iron

In certain businesses, it’s not uncommon for oil, grease, or fat to drip onto floor mats. Believe it or not, a warm iron can be used to get these stains out. Take a paper towel and iron the stain, and the substance should come off the mat and stick to the paper towel.

Pet Stains

If your mat happens to be victimized by a urinating animal, feel free to use any pet store product that is specifically designed for this purpose. If you don’t have anything like that, then absorb and blot as much of the liquid up with paper towels and then spray or apply a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Next, mix a teaspoon of detergent in a half gallon water and blot onto the stain and allow it to dry.

Floor mats
Vinegar has many uses!

All of the yarns on Ultimate Mats floor mats, including the ColorStar, WaterHog, and Prestige mats, are colorfast so that stain removal products won’t leave unsightly blemishes. So feel free to use all of these products on whatever types of stains their labels call for.

If you have any questions about getting stains out of your floor mats, feel free to call Ultimate Mats at 866-374-3756. The bottom line? You don’t have to lose any sleep worrying that your high-quality floor mat will be permanently stained because of a random spill.

Written by Chris Martin

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