Slush: Summer’s Treat, Winter’s Pest

by Chris Martin on January 13, 2014

Have you ever noticed that there are certain words in the English language which can possess both positive and negative connotations depending on the context in which they are used? You know, like explosive (an explosive player versus an explosive temper), cheap (cheap prices are good, cheap materials are not), or sick (meaning either ill or fantastic, often depending on the age of the person saying it).

Here’s another one of these two-sided words: slush. And the determining factor usually revolves around the time of year when it is used.

Slush in the summertime conjures up images of a cool, tasty snow cone or a refreshing flavored drink with shaved or crushed ice (like an Icee or a Slurpee). You think of gripping the frigid treat in your hands while the hot summer sun burns down on your skin; and that first too-cold-but-so-wonderful taste on your tongue that makes you shiver and appears to lower your body temperature immediately. You may even associate this slush with childhood memories of enjoying a beachfront vacation, getting a reward from your parents for being good on a shopping trip, or running after the ice cream truck in your neighborhood.

But when you envision slush during the winter – well, that’s a whole other story.

You see all that gray, dirty, halfway-between-snow-and-water muck that seems to be present everywhere you look (and step). It’s too soft to be considered ice but too solid to drain away, so it just sticks fast to whatever surface it sits near – like your car, the curb, and your shoes. Even people who love wintertime hate the slush, which is equal parts unsightly, amorphous, and maddeningly invasive.

This omnipresent winter slush can be a problem – especially if you run a small business. Because you face an ongoing battle against having this slush overrun your interior floors. Not only does this degrade the aesthetic appearance of your establishment, but it constitutes a substantial danger for patrons and employees who might slip and fall at any time; which could result in serious injuries for them and medical or insurance costs for you.

Thankfully, you do have a weapon against the vile, insidious plague called slush: a durable, reliable WaterHog floor mat.

The all-weather WaterHog is specially designed to snatch the slush from footwear and hold it fast beneath its surface. In fact, every WaterHog mat has the capability of trapping a gallon and a half of moisture per square yard! That’s a whole lot of slush that doesn’t end up on your business flooring.

WaterHog mats are especially valuable for businesses which are located close to a street or parking lot. That’s because slush tends to accumulate near curbs, and if the curb is just a few feet from your business doorstep, the slush can be hard to avoid for customers trying to enter your storefront. Having a WaterHog that removes this nasty slush from shoes and boots will keep your business’s interior clean and attractive throughout the day.

So if you want to win the war on slush, contact Ultimate Mats today to see which WaterHog floor mat is ideal for your business.Not only can it stand up yo harsh winter conditions, it can even be helpful during the summer months if someone drops a snow cone or spills a Slurpee on it.

Image credit #4: Ultimate Mats

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