Stand Up for Your Right to Anti-Fatigue Mats at Standing Desks

by Chris Martin on September 1, 2014

These days, more Americans are refusing to take unhealthy living choices sitting down. They’re taking a stand for their right to healthier menu options and restaurants, more transparency in ingredient levels, and a broader range of exercise and recreational options.

Some of them are even standing up and demanding to stand up at work – by remodeling their workspaces to include standing desks.

Anti-fatigue mats
They’re not standing on ceremony either.

Why Get A Standing Desk?

Many workers have reported plenty of benefits from using standing desks in the office. For starters, these people tend to burn about 33% more calories each day than they would sitting at a traditional desk. They help protect themselves against back problems and repetitive stress injuries that are common when sitting and typing for long periods of time. And standing at a desk actually helps improve their alertness and focus.

Perhaps more importantly, standing desks can help reduce the risk of health problems to which several hours of daily sitting can contribute. For example, research indicates that standing at a desk decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes and similar metabolic problems. Standing desk workers are also less likely to suffer from heart disease or develop certain types of cancer. The combined net effect of these health benefits increases the average lifespan of individuals who stand at work instead of sit. It’s also important to note that these deleterious consequences cannot be counteracted by regular exercise; the only effective approach is to eliminate the condition of sitting while at work.

Anti-fatigue mats
Behold: the physical manifestation of health and productivity!

Standing Desks and Anti-Fatigue Mats Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

But if you are thinking about making the switch to a standing desk, there’s something else you should consider: augmenting your work area with an anti-fatigue mat.

Though the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented, many people forget that standing for long periods of time can also have an adverse impact on their health. The tension and stress on muscles and joints in the feet, legs, knees, and back can restrict the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the body; which leads to fatigue, soreness, and muscle aches.

Anti-fatigue mats
See that fatigue in those legs and feet? No, of course you can’t. It’s gone thanks to the anti-fatigue mat!

An anti-fatigue mat forces your body to make constant “microadjustments” in posture that facilitate blood flow and combat these negative physical issues. And when a person is freed from the effects of fatigue, he or she becomes more productive, has higher morale, and is in better overall health.

How to Stand For Change in Your Workplace

If you think you can benefit from performing your job duties at a standing desk, don’t hesitate to broach the issue with your supervisor (you may be surprised at how receptive he or she may be). Be sure to bring up the improvements it will have on your health and productivity, and even explain how your configuration would look. Finally, be prepared to make certain accommodations, such as paying for part (or all) of your standing desk or moving your workspace away from low-walled cubes due to privacy concerns.

As for your anti-fatigue mat, you should check out (or tell your boss to visit) Ultimate Mats to see their full line of products that can match any office situation or interior decor. Get your anti-fatigue mat today to aid you in your enjoyment of the advantages of a standing desk.

Anti-fatigue mats
That could be you. (Only a little less shady.)

Image credit#3: Ultimate Mats

Written by Chris Martin

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