Summer Sand: Keep It Off Your Floors

by Chris Martin on August 6, 2014

Ahh, summertime – the time of year when the sun is always shining and the kids always want to play outside. It’s the time of year to spend every waking moment at the beach or the park or in the sandbox. Summer is filled with fun, laughter, and lots of play. Oh, and don’t forget all the sand trying to hitch a ride home inside of your kids’ socks, shoes, and pants pockets. (Seriously, how do they always bring home so much sand?)

You’ve tried everything – taking off shoes and socks before walking into the house, making the kids sweep up their mess, and even bringing whole changes of clothes to change into on the porch. But somehow that sand is bound and determined to make it to your front hall. Utilize a few of these simple strategies and you’ll be kissing that sticky sand goodbye.

Take shoes and socks off outside.
Leave them outside the door until they can be shaken out to ensure that all sand is gone.

Keeping a hose handy helps to get rid of sticky sand!

Keep a hose near the front door.
Sand is sticky and trying to wipe it off only makes it worse. It’s handy to stop by the foot wash stations before leaving the beach, but everyone always seems to cake more sand on their feet by the time they get to the car. Use a hose in order to rinse the extra sand off.

Switch to mesh beach bags.
The holes in the bag don’t leave an area for sand to hide away in, making for a perfect sand-proofed beach bag.

Make cornstarch pouches.
These handy little flannel pouches can be used to remove excess sand from legs and feet and can be made from old flannel shirts or blankets.

Keep baby powder on hand.
Sound a little strange? Sprinkling it on hands and feet can help to remove leftover sand.

Bring chairs to the beach.
Many people tend to simply utilize their towels for sitting and lying down on at the beach, but those pick up sand like there’s no tomorrow. Then when you try to shake them out, the wind never fails to blow the sand all over the five families that are spread out near yours. Most chairs can be rinsed off in the water and then packed back into the car without having to worry about hitchhiking sand.

Create a changing area.
Whether you’re using a side entrance into a laundry room or simply creating a space in the backyard, having one set area to change will limit the spread of sand.

Floor mats are a great way to keep sand and other grime from getting into your home!

Trap the sand.
There are floor mats that literally have the ability to trap in sand and moisture from feet and shoes so the mess won’t get tracked into your house. Offered in a variety of colors, the WaterHog entry mat is a great way to prevent sand spread.

If you’re sick and tired of stepping in gritty sand all over the floors you just cleaned, following these eight tips will be a huge help in keeping sand out of your home.

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