The ‘Green’ DNA in Our Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on February 10, 2014

These days, everybody says that they are eco-friendly. But in reality, many companies just pay lip service in their efforts to improve the environment. They may have a recycling bin for office paper, put out an extra container for aluminum cans or plastic bottles, or commemorate Earth Day in some way every year – but don’t make sustainability a priority in their day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, we at Ultimate Mats puts our money where our mouth is when it comes to being green. More specifically, we make sure that all of our high-quality floor mats are made with some amount of recycled content in them. You could say that at Ultimate Mats, “being green” is in our DNA.

Featuring Post-Consumer Recycled Content

All of the recycled content used in Ultimate Mats produce is of the post-consumer variety. Members of environmental groups tend to prefer products with post-consumer recycled content over their pre-consumer recycled content counterparts. That’s because pre-consumer content usually comes in the form of waste materials like sawdust, glass cullet, or planer shavings which have been being put to reuse by frugal companies long before being eco-friendly was a mainstream idea. Conversely, recycling a product that was already used by a consumer (like a plastic bottle or a vehicle tire) diverts it from going into a landfill, where it can take years or decades to break down.

Ultimate Mats relies on compounds made from post-consumer recycled rubber from car and truck tires. These materials are incorporated into the sturdy rubber backings and seams of our indoor and outdoor floor mats. Furthermore, the fibers on many mats like the Classic Impressions and the ColorStar mats are manufactured using 100% PET post-consumer recycled content that has been reclaimed from plastic beverage bottles. So you can rest assured that no matter what Ultimate Mats product you buy, there’s a part of it that has been recycled from something else.

Wide Variety of “Green” Mats

This post-consumer recycled content is quite evident in our thirsty, sturdy WaterHog line of outdoor mats. The WaterHog Diamondcord and Masterpiece mats feature recycled content percentages of between 11% and 12%, while the WaterHog Logo Inlay mat is made up of over 15% recycled content. The recycled content numbers for the WaterHog Classic and the WaterHog Fashion mats are 16.9% and 18.6%, respectively; while the WaterHog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo mat boasts an even more impressive 32.8% recycled content. But the “greenest” WaterHog of all is the WaterHog Eco Elite, which is proud to be made of 43.3% recycled content.

The other Ultimate Mats offerings aren’t short on eco-friendliness, either. Our interior anti-fatigue mats contain between 14% and 17% post-consumer recycled content, while the SuperScrape mats feature between 18% and 20% recycled content. And you won’t sacrifice durability, colorfastness, or slip-resistance when you choose an environmentally-friendly floor mat from Ultimate Mats. That’s because all of our mats are made to last for years without fading, curling, or cracking.

If you want more information on the “green DNA” of any of Ultimate Mats products, feel free to contact us by visiting our website. We can also help you find the floor mat that suits your business needs at a great price. We at Ultimate Mats are proud of our commitment to planet Earth and to our customers – and we’ll continue to do our best to serve the interests of both.

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