The Wild and Wacky Ways People Try to Remain Healthy at Work

by Chris Martin on November 23, 2014

That’s one of the biggest challenges for Americans today: how to get fit despite having a full schedule. Many people choose to jog in the morning or lift weights at the gym after work, while others invest in home exercise equipment or attend workout classes.

Healthy at work

Some guys jump and dance around the office all day. Nobody likes those guys.

And then there are those especially inventive office-bound individuals who attempt to incorporate fitness into their regular workday. Unsurprisingly, numerous products have been created to facilitate this process – and some of them are pretty outrageous. Here are some examples of the wackier ones:

  • The GymGym Chair. It’s actually a rolling office chair that is equipped with three sets of resistance bands with handles so you can do arm, chest, shoulder, and leg exercises while sitting at your desk.
  • The Springflex. This basically consists of two resistance arms that can attach to the surface of your desk which you can ostensibly use to perform dozens of different exercises.
  • The Face Trainer. Didn’t know you had to exercise your facial muscles? This wraparound hood/mask supposedly enables you to strengthen the muscles in your face to prevent the onset of wrinkles.
Healthy at work

She prefers the "old-school" method of cheek muscle fortification.

  • The Balance Ball Chair. Simply put, it’s one of those large plastic balls you see at the gym mounted on a rolling chair. It’s supposed to strengthen your core – if you don’t fall off, that is.
  • The under-the-desk bike. Many devices like this one allow you to pedal away while you’re performing office work. And you’ll never get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere!
  • The Sport-Stepper. It’s like the under-the-desk bike, only it’s a miniature elliptical trainer instead. Oh, and it hooks up to your computer and disables your mouse and keyboard if you stop exercising.
  • The Swopper Stool. It’s a low stool without a back that’s supposed to force you to use your muscles to maintain good posture.
  • The Hawaii Chair. This office chair actually has a seat that moves in circles so your core, back, and buttocks get exercise when sitting at your desk. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause blurry vision as you try to keep your head from moving around as well.

So what do health experts say about keeping fit at work? They stress the mantra “everything in moderation,” which means mixing periods of standing or walking in with the time you spend sitting at a desk. It’s also wise to pay more attention to what you eat for lunch in order to minimize extra calories. And most importantly, never overdo an exercise regimen; because it could cause you to get injured and actually miss time at work.

Healthy at work

This executive is still trying to recover from a horrendous desktop kickboxing accident.

For those people who want to invest in a standing desk (or adjustable-height sit-standing desk), it’s recommended that you use an anti-fatigue mat to reduce stress on your joints and muscles. You can check out a full line of anti-fatigue mats at the Ultimate Mats website to see which one best suits your needs.

Written by Chris Martin

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