These People Seriously Love their Floor Mats

by Chris Martin on June 22, 2014

We can talk all day about the advantages, benefits, and positive qualities about Ultimate Mats floor mats. But we’ve often found that the best feedback comes from the people who have already bought our floor mats. So let’s see what these people have to say.

Floor mats
Anti-fatigue mats add safety and comfort.

Let’s begin with Sandra in Keyport, New Jersey. When she received her floor mat in February, she let us know that it was a “perfect fit.” Nancy in Fremont, Maine ordered multiple mats and said that they “look great in all the entry ways!” Jessica in Sonoma, California purchased an Ultimate Mats anti-fatigue mat and proclaimed, “We are in Hog Heaven!” And Kamala in Sparta, Wisconsin informed us that her mats were, “Very true to color… Love my customized mats!”

Joe B. in Newport News, Virginia revealed that he has been getting “numerous comments on how great the new mats look.” Todd from Germantown, Tennessee is so enamored by his custom logo mat that he confessed, “it has me thinking what other mats I need custom made.” And Timbre in Boise, Idaho was so thrilled with the mats provided by Ultimate Mats that he sent us a photo of his mat along with this message: “We just set up at the first show of the season and I thought you might like to see how the carpets look so far. I think they look great!”

Floor mats
A great logo always stands out.

But Ultimate Mats does more than provide exceptional products to our customers. Molly in Des Moines, Iowa recognized this when she told us, “I received excellent service and an excellent product.” Valarie in Monroe, Georgia called our delivery of her mats “so very easy and quick… We will be doing more business with you.” And Paige in Rancho Mirage, California was also impressed with Ultimate Mats’ “Very fast service.”

However, there was an unexpected issue which arose with one recent purchase. Rustin in Lakehurst, New Jersey let us know that he got his floor mat last month “but everyone is afraid to walk on them…” Yes, these mats are attractive, but they’re made to work hard and clean footwear while maintaining their like-new appearance. (So Rustin, it’s OK – walk all over them to your heart’s content!)

Floor mats
Walk on them – they’re durable!

And then there’s the glowing review from Michael in New York City, who dropped us a line in March telling us, “The mats look great! Can you send me 5 more please? :)” He was probably joking, but Ultimate Mats does earn a lot of repeat business – not because our mats tend to wear out, but because customers appreciate how well they work and want to outfit their other entryways with these outstanding floor mats.

From entry and interior mats to logo and anti-fatigue mats, Ultimate Mats can take care of all of your floor mat needs. If you want to join the ranks of people who seriously love their floor mats, you can start today by browsing the Ultimate Mats web site to see which floor mats are ideal for your home or business. You can always speak to an Ultimate Mats representative directly by calling (866) 374-3756. Soon, you’ll be singing the praises of your floor mat to all who will listen – so be sure to let us know how much you like it!

Written by Chris Martin

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