Viva Versatility! Multi-Use Logo Mats After Thanksgiving

by Chris Martin on November 13, 2014

You know how certain pieces of clothing may be attractive or fashionable, but only during certain times of the year? Take Thanksgiving, for instance. That burnt orange top, leaf-patterned sweater, or multicolored scarf looks great in late November; but any of these may be harder to pull off during other times of the year.

Logo Mats

Especially this getup. St. Patrick's Day fail!

This is the reason why folks have outfits that are versatile in terms of when they can be worn. The same principle goes for floor mats in businesses. Many companies have Thanksgiving-themed logo mats in their entryway to help celebrate the season. But if you’re a business owner who’s watching every dollar, then it may be wiser to go with a more versatile mat that can be used both during and well after Thanksgiving.

Here are some examples:

  • Print out your logo in leaves. Either make a simple design with some autumn-colored leaves around your business name, or actually incorporate “leaf-shaped” letters into your logo.
  • Go with a general “fall” theme. There are plenty of color schemes and designs which can be used throughout the autumn season instead of just for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Show gratitude to your customers. The slogan “We’re thankful for your business” or something similar can be used all year-round – especially if the colors are neutral.
  • Make your thanks “generic.” Anything from “We give thanks to God for everything we have” to “Give thanks to your loved ones today” represents another perennial adage which is appropriate anytime.
  • Use a cornucopia… It’s the time-honored symbol for a bountiful harvest, and it’s found in images which relate to the full autumn season – so you don’t have to limit its display around Thanksgiving.
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Why does it bear this name? Because it's simpler than calling it a cornu-appla-gourda-peara-leafa-copia.

  • … or even a pumpkin. The same goes for a pumpkin image as long as it isn’t a jack-o-lantern. You can put out that mat in late September or early October and keep it there until at least December.
  • Promote your fall products. A slogan touting your autumn season products, either in pictures or words (“Get ready for fall!”), will be appropriate from late August until the Thanksgiving season.
  • Salute the red, white, and blue. A nonspecific patriotic phrase along with the colors of the U.S. flag gives you a mat that can be displayed around Veterans’ Day, Presidents’ Day, Patriot Day, and Independence Day.
  • Play on words. For instance, a car dealer might go with a “Let’s talk turkey” theme, while a clothing store might be able to use “Gobble up savings today!” Either one could be used during specific sales or promotional events.
  • Tell them you’re closed. Given the controversy surrounding stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day, putting a slogan like “Closed for the holiday to spend time with our families” might earn you some extra love from the community – no matter which holiday you’re referring to!
Logo Mats

And it's definitely more eye-catching than this boring sign.

If you’re thinking about ordering a new logo mat in time for Thanksgiving, you should check out Ultimate Mats today. No matter what your size, shape, application, or color choices may be, Ultimate Mats can provide you with a high-quality logo mat that will accent your business perfectly – and not just during Thanksgiving!

Written by Chris Martin

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