Wet Floors Aren’t Funny. (But Their Signs Can Be Hilarious!)

by Chris Martin on October 2, 2014

Yes, we all know it’s impolite, inappropriate, and downright cruel to laugh at someone who has just slipped and fallen down on a wet floor – especially if the victim gets injured. But it’s perfectly okay to chuckle at an amusing or unusual “Wet Floor” sign that is telling people to exercise caution so that they don’t slip and fall.

Here are ten funny “Wet Floor” signs courtesy of the Flickr photo-sharing website.

Slip and fall
Image credit: Ming Xia

1. To be fair, most of us would probably butcher Vietnamese if we tried to write Wet Floor in that language. Still, it’s a bit humorous to imagine how taking tiny drinks of our beverage could help keep us from “sipping” on a wet floor.

Slip and fall
Image credit: opello

2. The English and Dutch warnings are placed on this cleverly-shaped banana peel sign. Even if you couldn’t read either language, you’d still likely understand the need to watch your step. Or it would just make you hungry.

Slip and fall
Image credit: Joe

3. We all recognize this character; but unless you can read Norwegian, you don’t know that the words translate to “Have a good day! Note: slick floor.” Which may be taken to mean “Try and have a nice day if you slip on our wet floor!”

Slip and fall
Image credit: Moose

4. Some jokester added some extra details on this standard Wet Floor sign. The beauty of this new image is that, like the sign itself, the exclamation is appropriate in both English and Spanish.

Slip and fall
Image Credit: Gord McKenna

5. Here’s another example of “creativity” on a Wet Floor sign. Note the excellent use of perspective when drawing the bench and bottle. This sign was actually displayed at Edmonton International Airport in Canada in 2012.

Slip and fall
Image credit: David

6. This sign is actually in a pool area – but the designer might have mismatched up the symbol with the message. After all, the chances of someone drowning on the floor are probably fairly minimal.

Slip and fall
Image Credit: SAM MOrrison

7. Yes, this is Photoshopped. Still, it would be nice to warn passersby about jazz hands in the area. Those things can be fairly dangerous if they get out of control.

Slip and fall
Image credit: Louis Vella

8. The reference for this image photo is from the movie 300, when Leonidas the King responds to a peace offer from a Persian messenger by yelling those three words and kicking the courier into a pit. It’s hilarious (if you’ve seen the movie.)

Slip and fall
Image credit: sunshinegurl2

9. This sign was placed in an area of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. It’s unclear whether the message is that a wet floor could cause someone to slip, or make them bowlegged for life.

Slip and fall
Image credit: Nick Walker

10.0 Okay, someone’s just being a smart aleck now. This was found on the campus of the University of Sheffield in England. Those crazy college kids!

It’s true that properly placing “Wet Floor” signs in areas where a spill is present or mopping has just taken place is a smart way to help protect your customers and employees from slip-and-fall accidents. A more proactive approach is to utilize high-quality floor mats in moisture-prone areas.

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