What Can You Accomplish with a Quality Logo Mat?

by Chris Martin on February 13, 2014

Smart business owners don’t throw money at things they like or that look snazzy. They have to rationalize every purchase with some sort of function. For instance, a new piece of equipment must create more or better products in order to be cost-effective. That state-of-the-art checkout computer had better reduce transaction times and improve bookkeeping or it won’t be worth the money. And that discounted wholesale merchandise is useless if it can’t draw customers in to purchase other items.

The same logic applies to a logo mat. Why allocate funds toward a pretty floor adornment? Because a high-quality logo mat can accomplish so many things for your business.

Logo Mats Create Positive Images

First and foremost, a logo mat just inside or outside the front door of your business makes a positive initial impression in the minds of your visitors. A colorful, attractive image of your business logo, name, and/or slogan can help set the tone for a customer as he or she walks into your establishment. Ideally, the individual will subconsciously associate some of the logo mat’s traits with those of your business, such as charm, whimsy, or attention to detail.

On a more practical level, a logo mat can serve to identify the front door of a business in areas where signage is not allowed or practical. For instance, a realtor may house his offices in an office complex which contains numerous doors that all look alike. But a bright, strategically-placed floor mat will quickly direct customers to their desired location without them having to wander around or consult a directory.

Also, a logo mat can act as an essential marketing tool for your business in more ways than just providing additional signage. Many business owners use their logo mats as a part of their overall branding strategy. In other words, a logo mat can act in concert with a company’s other marketing channels to solidify the brand and message in customers’ minds.

Logo Mats Keep Floors Clean and Safe

The most obvious function that is accomplished with a quality logo mat is floor protection. These mats are designed to scrape off soil and moisture from footwear and trap it below the mat’s surface. That way, the dirt and liquid stays off of your floors and keeps them clean; and it remains below the mat’s surface so your logo remains bright and vibrant. Logo mats are especially helpful on inclement weather days, where mud, snow, and salt can stick to shoes.

Finally, logo mats can help a company’s bottom line by reducing the chances of slip-and-fall accidents, which can be extremely (and sometimes fatally) expensive for any business. A dirty floor can contribute to these types of mishaps, and the business owner either must pay out worker’s compensation claims or an insurance claim if a guest is hurt. With medical bills easily running into the tens of thousands of dollars per incident, a logo mat is an inexpensive preventive measure against slips and falls.

If a logo mat were a person, it would be a versatile, hard-working team member instead of just a pretty face. Ultimate Mats has several types of logo mats to choose from that fit the needs and budget of any business, large or small. So check out Ultimate Mats today – and see what you can accomplish with a logo mat!

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