What Your Pet Might Think of Your Floor Mat

by Chris Martin on August 31, 2014

Pet owners know that their animals are more “human” than many people believe.

And science is just now starting to embrace this notion. Recent discoveries include how dogs understand human speechcats treat humans like one of their own, and horses talk with their ears. But every animal lover has long known that pets have their own complex “identities” which reflect how they view the world around them.

Floor mat
Behold: the mentally-sophisticated creature. (Except for when he’s licking himself.)

If scientists could somehow read the minds of every pet, they would be astonished at what they might discover. For example, many animals might have these thoughts regarding Ultimate Mats’ floor mats:

  • “Hey! This smells REALLY good!” Of course, what dogs and cats characterize as “good” smells are vastly different from the aromas that humans prefer. Animals would be drawn to the dirt, mud, and particulates that are sitting in the floor mat instead of being tracked onto your floors.
  • “EWWW! It’s all wet!” On those inclement weather days, a WaterHog is capable of trapping a gallon and a half of water per square yard. So when it’s raining or snowing outside, your floors will stay dry – although your cats may not like the mats’ moistness.
  • “Hmmm. I slide along the floor… but not on the mat!” It can be humorous to watch animals try to turn or gain traction on smooth surfaces like tile, wood, or concrete flooring. But they don’t have these issues on the floor mats, which are certified as slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • “What a great claw sharpener!” You may dislike your cat’s propensity to sharpen its claws on your indoor mat. But the durable fibers are designed to stand up to constant abuse while maintaining their structural integrity.
  • “Is that food… or am I the food?” Depending on the lifelike image that you choose for your Ultimate Mats logo mat, your pet may delight to see a tasty bird…or dash for the back room when it sees a fierce shark!
Floor mat
“We’re adorable and we know it!”
  • “I ‘KNEAD’ that mat!” Kittens generally learn to knead with their paws even before they learn to walk, so they can stimulate milk flow from their mothers. Cats may enjoy kneading on a soft, cushiony anti-fatigue mat – when an employee isn’t standing on it, that is.
  • “This is a wonderful place to sleep. I think I’ll just [zzzzzz]!” The crush-resistant fibers in Ultimate Mats’ interior mats keep their shape longer. That means better floor protection for your business – and a softer sleeping pad for your pet.
  • “This spot looks the same as it did when I was a puppy/kitten!” Your pet may look different as it gets older, but your high-quality floor mat won’t. All of Ultimate Mats’ products are constructed to last for several years while maintaining their like-new appearance.

In reality, you may not take your pet into consideration when choosing a floor mat. But if you’re looking for a wide variety of floor mats for your business, check out Ultimate Mats’ website today. You’ll pay significantly less for your mat than you would from a retailer – which will leave you more money to buy pet treats spend on your business.

Floor mat
What? He can be a pet, too!

Written by Chris Martin

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