Which Entry Mat is Right For You?

by Chris Martin on June 4, 2014

Entry mats are more than just a workplace adornment. They act as a protective barrier between your floors and outdoor moisture and soils. A durable entry mat can trap dirt, mud, and water found on footwear and prevent it from being tracked all over your floors. And clean floors not only contribute to the appearance of your business, but also reduce the odds of dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents.

WaterHog Classic entry mats are very effective at removing dirt and mud from shoes. Furthermore, these mats are designed so well, they can trap and hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard! The WaterHog Classic is available with a smooth backing for flat surfaces or a cleated backing for carpets.

WaterHog Grand Classic entry mats boast all the effectiveness of the WaterHog Classic while adding a healthy dose of style. Instead of the standard rectangle, WaterHog Grand Classic comes in a half oval shape or with ovals on one or both ends of the mat. They all feature a bi-level design which pulls dirt and moisture downward so that it isn’t visible on the mat’s surface.

WaterHog Fashion entry mats come in 18 different colors, so you’re sure to find one to suit your business decor. Its surface is covered with small rubber nubs that resist crushing even in high-traffic areas. And the sturdy solution-dyed carpet fibers resist fading and maintain a like-new appearance for years.

WaterHog Classic Fashion/Diamond entry mats combine all of the effectiveness of the WaterHog Classic with an aesthetically-pleasing diamond pattern. Every mat is slip and skid resistant, and you get a choice of a fashionable carpet border or a smooth rubber border. This border reinforces the strong water dam that locks in moisture and dirt, keeping it from leaking onto your floors.

WaterHog Classic Diamondcord entry mats feature a chic diamond patterned surface along with the reliability and durability found in all WaterHog floor mats. The striking ridged surface serves to scrape debris from footwear and trap it well below shoe level. Two different high-quality yarns are bundled tightly together to create a system with unmatched cleaning performance.

WaterHog Masterpiece Select entry mats can keep your business looking clean and spotless no matter how poor the outdoor conditions may be. These mats are constructed with 100% Guardian 10 BCF polypropylene fibers that provide exceptional stain resistance and colorfastness. Plus, the face nubs are reinforced with rubber so that the carpet fibers aren’t crushed underfoot, thus extending the life of the mat.

WaterHog Eco Elite entry mats demonstrate a commitment to protecting both your floors and the environment. Every WaterHog Eco Elite mat is constructed with 100% recycled polyester fibers made from post-consumer plastic drink bottles. And their all-rubber backing is made out of 15% to 20% recycled automobile tires.

WaterHog Eco Premier entry mats represent the perfect blend of fashion-forward design and environmental sustainability. Roughly 43.3% of every WaterHog Eco Premier mat comes from post-consumer recycled content. And the decorative diamond pattern provides superior wicking and water trapping qualities to hold water and dirt so that it doesn’t wind up on your floors.

WaterHog Eco Grand Premier entry mats combine “green” construction with smooth curvy designs that aren’t found in any other floor protection product. The bi-level surface is made with recycled content and dries quickly to resist rot. Choose from half oval, single-end oval, or double-end oval designs in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

SuperScrape entry mats provide unmatched performance in even the toughest dirt and moisture conditions. The tread height helps scrub mud, grime, and salt from shoes and trap it below the surface so that the mat remains clean and attractive. A 100% Nitrile rubber option is available for areas that are prone to oil, grease, and other petroleum-based substances.

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