Why Ultimate Mats is More Advanced Than BMW

by Chris Martin on September 30, 2014

No, the title is not a typo. This is a discussion about how Ultimate Mats, a floor protection product company that was founded in the twenty-first century, is ahead of the curve in relation to BMW, the storied automaker which will celebrate its 100th birthday in a couple of years.

It’s not like Ultimate Mats has built a technologically-advanced car engine that runs on water or can achieve land speeds of 400 miles an hour. Or created bold automotive features like shiatsu seats, an in-dash coffee dispenser, or optional helicopter flying controls. But it has beaten BMW to the punch in one particular niche.

How is this possible?

Yes, BMW makes an awesome car. Stop drooling.

BMW Reveals New “Green” Floor Mat …

Let’s start by telling you about yet another innovation that BMW has released into the marketplace. This summer, the carmaker announced that it would now begin selling a handful of vehicle accessories that are made from sustainable materials. One of these products is the all-weather floor mat which is designed to fit inside the BMW i3.

This floor mat resembles a traditional laminate product, but is actually produced from three layers of material which allow the mat to be used as a fabric mat (for the summer) and a water- and dirt-resistant mat (for wintertime conditions). This anti-slip mat is shaped to fit the footwells of the BMW vehicle.

But BMW asked its supplier to manufacture all three layers of these floor mats from the same chemical family, which enables the product to be fully recyclable. This eco-friendly all-weather mat is available for about 100 U.S. dollars (for the rear footwells, the cost is around $83 U.S.) and will soon be available from BMW dealerships in America.

Sustainable floor mats? That’s old news!

… Which is a Lot Like Ultimate Mats’ Eco-friendly Floor Mats

So what does all this have to do with Ultimate Mats? It’s simple: Ultimate Mats has been selling “sustainable” floor mats for years!

Many of Ultimate Mats’ floor protection products are manufactured using recycled material from vehicle tires and/or consumer water bottles. The rubber from the recycled tires makes up part of the rubber backing of several types of floor mats. And the fibers on the surfaces of many floor mats are manufactured from the plastic used in the water bottles.

For example, almost all of the WaterHog entry mats sold by Ultimate Mats contain between 11% and 20% recycled content; with the WaterHog Eco Elite boasting a recycled content level of 43.3%. In addition, the ColorStar, ColorStar Crunch, and the Tri Grip interior mats offered by Ultimate Mats have backings which are made from 20% recycled content; while the Enviro Plus interior mat is made with only recycled materials. Even some of Ultimate Mats’ anti-fatigue mats contain a significant amount of recycled materials!

Mother Nature’s favorite floor mat!

Slip-Resistant, Durable, and Long-Lasting – And Environmentally-Friendly!

Finally, Ultimate Mats’ floor mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as being slip-resistant – much like BMW’s floor mats claim to be. And while you can’t slap an Ultimate Mats’ product over the floor of your BMW, these products will remain dependable and beautiful while trapping dirt and moisture from footwear for years to come.

So check out Ultimate Mats’ full line of “sustainable” floor mats today. And if BMW needs some advice on how to make a better floor mat – well, they’re welcome to ask!

Image credit#3: Ultimate Mats

Written by Chris Martin

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