You Used That Floor Mat To Do What?

by Chris Martin on May 24, 2014

Quick! Name some functions for which a floor mat is used.

That was easy, right? You probably said “trap dirt and moisture from footwear,” “guard against spills,” and “reduce chances of slip-and-fall accidents.” Because you’re smart.

Floor mat
Yup. You are just dripping with intelligence.

But no matter how smart you may be, you probably didn’t mention any of these ten purposes that people have used floor mats for. However, it’s very possible that you’ll steal one or more of these ideas for yourself!

Believe it or not, owners of floor mats have sometimes used them for:

  1. Soundproofing a wall. Nail a thick floor mat to a garage wall, and the noises from your table saw or hammer may not carry to the rest of your house. Or affix a mat to the inside of a bedroom door to muffle the sounds of your kid’s drum set, guitar amp, or violin rehearsals.
  2. Backing a dartboard. Look, no matter how careful you think you are, there are always going to be at least a few darts that miss the board entirely (especially if adult beverages are involved). If you don’t want ugly dart-holes around your dartboard, put a floor mat between it and the wall.
  3. A privacy divider. If square footage is at a premium in a home or office, hang a floor mat from a cable that runs from one wall to another. This can section off areas in a workshop, bathroom area, warehouse, or any other interior space.
  4. A “thumbtackable” surface. If you don’t have enough walls or don’t want to deface the ones you have, hang a floor mat from a cable (or attach it to the wall) and place thumbtacked articles, photos, drawings, or other content on it.
  5. Extra traction in mud, ice, or snow. If a vehicle ever gets stuck in these conditions, place one or two floor mats underneath the wheels which are spinning uselessly when you try to accelerate. The mats may provide your vehicle with enough traction to extricate itself.
  6. Transport a dead animal. It’s a sad, thankless chore; but sometimes it must be done. For larger animals like dogs, cats, possums, armadillos, or even small livestock, a heavy-duty floor mat can wrap up the carcass and make it easier to transport to the disposal destination.
Floor mat
He is really cute. Know what isn’t cute? A crying baby who got hurt by not playing on a floor mat.
  1. To create a toddler’s play area. If you don’t want your little ones getting dirty playing on the grass or mud, burned on hot pavement, or bruised or cut on concrete surfaces, a large floor mat can prevent wear and tear on their tender little bodies.
  2. As a makeshift gameboard. Put crisscrossing strips of masking tape on a floor mat and you have a large chess or checkers board. Or turn the tape over to your youngsters and let your kids get creative by making their own unique gameboards.
  3. As a finger painting canvas. If your floor mat has a sturdy rubber backing, flip it over and let kids draw and make handprints on it with water-soluble paint. Then just take a hose and spray it clean when they’re done.
  4. As a template for and arts and craft project. Mats with rubber patterns can be laid in paint and “stamped” onto another surface to create art. Or glue ribbons, ric rac, or other accouterments to the mat to fashion a beautiful beach quilt, wall hanging, or gift.
Floor mat
It’s so versatile, it’s a lot like a Swiss army knife. Only flatter. And not as sharp.

Ultimate Mats has a wide variety of durable, dependable floor mats for use indoors, outdoors, or in entryway areas. So purchase a new floor mat from Ultimate Mats today – and use your old floor mats for one of these innovative functions!

Written by Chris Martin

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