Where To Place Floor Mats In Hospitals

by UltimateMats on December 12, 2015

Floor mat placement may not be the first thing that you think about when you are planning out a hospital, but it is something you certainly need to consider. There is a lot of strategy that goes into floor mat selection and placement in hospitals. Hospitals are busy, high-traffic facilities where health and safety are top priorities. When considering floor mats, it’s important to think of all the people they will serve including nurses, receptionists, patients, visitors, doctors, and more. Floor mats and their placement play a key role in hospital design and daily function.

Entrance of the Hospital

The entrance of the hospital is the first point of contact for every individual. Entryway floor mats act to clean the feet of people as they are coming into the hospital. We recommend to place mats such as the Brush Hog, SuperScrape Signature, or SuperScrape Impressions to do the job. By the time visitors reach the reception area, floor mats have already scraped their shoes, absorbed as much water as possible, and reduced hazardous debris from entering the area.


Floor Mats in Patient and Visitor Areas

In areas of the hospital where patients and visitors frequent, choose floor mats that feature the hospital logo and also provide comfort and stability. Floor mats such as Hog Heaven and WaterHog Signature, combined with a custom logo, can do just that. In any area where there is a lot of foot traffic, including nurse areas, it’s a good idea to add a special branded touch.

Hospital Kitchen and Laundry Floor Mats

The hospital kitchen is also a very busy area. Here is where you will want to select the appropriate anti-fatigue mat for your needs.This interior mat provides a nice design to your hospital employee areas while also allowing for easy clean up with spills.


There are plenty of considerations to make when it comes to floor mats in hospitals. By choosing the right mat and placement, your hospital can be a safe and efficient place to work and visit.

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