Is Your Business Pushing Customers Away?

by UltimateMats on May 5, 2015

When you run a small business, every customer is of utmost importance. With a smaller profit margin and a dependency on your local customer base, your reputation in the local community is key. While you may run your business with complete honesty, excellent products, and the best customer service service, there are other aspects you have to keep in mind aside from the sales process.


It’s the little things that add up to become important parts of your business’s brand and reputation in your community. One area that you cannot overlook is the cleanliness of your space. The cleanliness of your business space can invite customers in or drive them away. Fortunately, it’s simpler than you think to keep your property looking sharp.


How An Unclean Facility Affects Customers’ Perceptions Of A Company


A customer survey conducted by the Cintas Corporation shows how damaging a lack of cleanliness is to a business. In general, an overall lack of cleanliness creates a bad impression in 99% of customers. However, Cintas went further and asked detailed questions about what particular types of filth that customers found the most offensive.


Customers identified the most offensive type of filth to be… dirty floors.


“Dirty floors” covers a wide range of different floor conditions. The point is, all types of floor contaminants lowered overall customer option of a business, including wet floors (76%), dirty floors (86%), and dirty restrooms (95%).


The Root Cause Of Dirty Floors


The cause of dirty floors is simple to pinpoint: heavy foot traffic. While a lot of customers can be a boon to your sales, they can also cause a lot of damage to your floors. Customers coming in and out of your business track in dirt, mud, snow, and other debris. This can be especially problematic if you live in a climate that has extreme weather conditions such as a rainy season or snowy winters. A busy day of sales can quickly dirty your floors. This is especially apparent around areas that see a lot of traffic such as entrances, exits, and the bathroom area. One of the best ways to help keep your business clean is strategically placed floor mats.


The Advantages Of Floor Mats


Well-placed floor mats go a long way in keeping your business clean. When customers come into your business and walk over a mat, they tend to wipe their feet. This keeps any mud, snow, or dirt they had on their shoes on the mat and not spread around your space. This not only keeps your business cleaner, but also safer as well. Mud and snow can make a floor slick and lead to falls or other injuries. A well-placed mat can also help in high traffic areas, such as those around the restrooms.


Aside from increased cleanliness and safety, floor mats offer other advantages as well. When buying mats for your business you can have them custom designed with your company name and logo printed on them. This serves not only as simple branding, but also creates a connection in the minds of your customers as they look down at as they wipe their feet.


Get Floor Mats For Your Small Business Today!


Filth can easily damage your reputation in the local community and drive away customers. Once your reputation is damaged, it can take years of work to repair it. However, through careful use of floor mats you can help keep your floors clean, keep your customers safe, and also do a little marketing and brand promotion as well. Check out the options available at Ultimate Mats to find the perfect floor mats for your business today.


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