Where To Place Floor Mats In Grocery Stores

by UltimateMats on June 4, 2015


As a grocery store owner, it is important to ensure that you have proper floor mat placement throughout your store. Floor mats can serve a variety of purposes including welcoming customers in the entryway, providing cushioning for employees, preventing slips and falls in high-risk areas, and even business branding. It is pivotal that you have an understanding as a grocery store owner of the different types of floor mats available and the purposes that each can serve for your customers, employees, and overall business success.


Entry Mat


The entry mat is the first thing that your customers are going to see when they enter your grocery store. The entry mat should be welcoming and positioned right where customers are going to walk in. It could include a logo of the store or some other message that provides a welcoming invitation for customers.


Anti-Fatigue Mat


The anti-fatigue mat is a bit different as it is meant more for your employees than it is for your customers. These types of mats are going to be best placed behind cash registers or where food and cooking preparation takes place. If you have an area where dishes are washed or where employees will stand commonly, it is best to position them there as well.


Anti-fatigue mats are designed with a built-in cushion to help protect your employees’ physical health during long periods of standing. A lot of stress is put on the back and joints while standing behind a cash register for hours on end. An anti-fatigue mat works to ease the physical pressure of long periods of standing, helping employees retain their energy and zeal throughout the day.


Interior Mats


Interior mats should be placed where you think there is a high chance of spilling or slipping taking place. Think about your grocery store and where there are items that could spill over. An example could be a salad bar where there is a chance of dressing or food being spilled. Perhaps you have an area where coffee dispensers are located and you are worried about that toppling over. Interior mats should be placed in these high-traffic areas to help reduce the risk of accidents related to the spills.


Logo Mat


You want to promote your store as much as possible and in any way possible. A logo mat is a great way to help push the branding of your store to a new level. Logo mats are best placed in high-traffic areas where customers will walk over it frequently. This is your opportunity to help customers look at your logo and store branding more than just when they pull up to the store and see the signage outside. The more impressions you can make with your brand, the more likely your customers will remember it and keep coming back!


Waterhog Mat


A waterhog mat is specially designed to help you absorb water to keep the interior of your store safe, clean, and dry. Think about when it rains or snows outside. That water is going to be brought inside by customers as they enter your store. This water, if it is not absorbed by a proper floor mat, can be spread throughout the store in tracks and puddles. This increases the chance that a customer could slip and fall, which is dangerous for your customers and for company liability. A waterhog mat absorbs the water to dramatically reduce the chances of customers slipping and falling. A water-absorbent mat also helps keep your store neat and tidy.


SuperScrape Mat


You could always strive to ensure that your grocery store is kept as clean as possible. Customers notice when a store is not well-maintained, and it affects their buying habits. A SuperScrape mat is a great way to keep your grocery store clean. When you place the mat at the entry and exit areas of your store, it gets rid of any dirt or mud that would otherwise be brought in my customers or shopping carts. A SuperScrape mat is designed to clean the surface of anything that goes over it before it enters or exits your grocery store.


Placing Floor Mats in Grocery Stores


Smart grocery store owners utilize the advancements in floor mat design to keep their businesses running smoothly. There is a wide variety of floor mats specifically designed to help your employees work more effectively and efficiently, keep your store clean, increase branding opportunities, and much more.


You can find all of the floor mats your grocery store needs and much more at Ultimate Mats. Talk to the experts to help you design the perfect floor mat plan for your needs.

photo credit: Loblaws via photopin (license)

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