Where To Place Floor Mats In Hotels

by UltimateMats on December 12, 2015

Running a hotel presents several unique challenges. One of the most important is keeping the hotel clean and sanitary. With a multitude of guests coming and going at all hours, this can be a difficult task. One area of sanitation that requires constant monitoring is the hotel’s floors, especially with high amounts of foot traffic. When keeping floors clean, one of the best things you can do to reduce work and increase safety is to use floor mats.


How Floor Mats Help
Floor mats keep your floors clean in a variety of ways. The most basic use is that they help absorb and trap moisture and debris brought in from the outdoors by guests. However, a well placed floor mat can do so much more. By placing floor mats strategically in active areas, you can save time on cleaning spills and reduce tracked-in dirt and debris. This can keep onsite restaurants, bars, and the hotel rooms cleaner in addition to lobby areas.

Well placed floor mats not only save on work but can also increase the life of your flooring. Not to mention, keeping a clean hotel can improve your reputation and attract more guests.
Floor mats can also promote your hotel as marketing tools. When guests walk into your hotel, they look down and wipe their feet and see your memorable hotel logo featured front and center.

Where To Place Floor Mats
Naturally you’ll want heavy duty and highly moisture absorbing/resistant mats near any entrances and exits. Placing mats in restaurant or bar areas can help trap common accidents such as spilled drinks. The restaurant area itself should make use of mats that are interior grade and stylish. The kitchen area should make use of mats that are both moisture resistant and have heavy padding for prolonged standing. You can also keep rooms clean by placing mats outside their doors. Featured mats in these areas should be resistant to foot traffic, durable, and stylish as well. Lastly, anti-fatigue mats can help keep offices neat and also increase employee comfort as they perform their job duties.

Floor Mats for Hotels
Floor Mats come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. There is no one-mat-fits-all solution. However, with a wide variety of brands such as the Hog Heaven, WaterHog, ColorStar, TriGrip, Enviro Plus and more, you can mix and match your hotel mats to fit a wide variety of uses and features. A well-integrated floor mat placement can help keep your hotel neat and sanitary.

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