Where To Place Floor Mats In Restaurants

by UltimateMats on May 27, 2015

When operating a restaurant or cafe, you put a lot of thought into the success of your business. You spend a lot of time considering your menu, staff, inventory, interior design, and so much more. But did you know there is one, small item that could make a big difference for your restaurant?

Floor mats in restaurants and cafes make big contributions to customer (and employee) satisfaction. When you choose your floor mats carefully, and place them in optimized positions, your restaurant runs smoothly and safely.

How to Place Floor Mats in a Restaurant

Ideal Floor Mat Placement in a Restaurant

Entry Mat

As a customer enters a building, they tend to notice the new space around them, including the floor beneath them. The entryway of a café or restaurant should have an appealing entry mat, both for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Customers may be tracking in debris or water, and a good entry mat can help to clean their shoes and keep your floor clean. Water can be quite a hazard, but a good mat can prevent water from spreading to interior floors. An ideal mat should be able to absorb a great deal of water, dry quickly, and last throughout the years. If your mat does not absorb enough water, it will leak onto the floor and create a soggy situation.

Looks are also important. You spent a lot of time designing the look and feel of your restaurant, be sure to get floor mats to match! Good entry mats compliment interior design, not distract from it.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Employee safety and comfort is a major consideration in restaurants, and an anti-fatigue mat placed in food prep or bar areas can contribute to the well-being of employees. These mats are designed to reduce the injuries that can occur when an individual is standing for long periods of time. This can reduce the risk of employee health problems (and worker’s compensation claims), as well as promote positive energy and good service.

Interior Mats

Interior mats should not be overlooked. By strategically placing mats throughout your establishment, you can provide customers with traction in areas that may otherwise be slippery. Areas that should have a mat may include water fountains, drink dispensers, and bathroom sinks. The mats can also break up the monotony of flooring, thereby adding to the decor.

Logo Mat

Instead of a plain, basic mat, you may want to consider having a logo mat. This type of mat showcases your business brand to customers. When placed in a high traffic area, the mat serves as an advertisement, solidifying your brand in the minds of happy customers. You may want to place a logo at the entrance for everyone to see, or as a focal point in the room’s design. It’s an easy win for business branding, and one of the most affordable ways to market your restaurant.

Waterhog Mat

A WaterHog mat is a highly absorbent mat, making it ideal for entrance and exit areas. It is designed to withstand high foot traffic and it can hold gallons of water. WaterHog mats are made to withstand scraping and wiping. There are several models of WaterHog mats available, some of which can be used outdoors. There are also a variety of color options available for the different types of mats to match your building’s decor.

SuperScrape Mat

SuperScrape mats are unique in that they are specifically made to reduce the amount of dirt and mud tracked into your building. Made of rubber, they are designed to catch debris while draining water away. Mud being tracked into a restaurant can be a serious problem for safety and business cleanliness, but SuperScrape mats can prevent this from happening. These mats should be placed outside in front of your entrance for maximum effect.

Placing Floor Mats in Restaurants

The proper selection and placement of floor mats is essential to a successful business, especially restaurants and cafes. You can keep your customers happy, your employees safe, and your business booming with the right mats in the right places.

The experts at Ultimate Mats make it easy to create the perfect floor mat plan for your space so you can get back to focusing on the important aspects of your restaurant, like what’s for dinner!

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