Where To Place Floormats in Schools

by UltimateMats on January 12, 2016

Schools can be messy places, but placing floor mats in the right spots can really make a difference. They can cut down on mess, reduce accidents, and add to the aesthetic of a friendly learning environment.

Entrances and Exits

Every school should be proud of the students and teachers that walk the halls. A great way to showcase this pride is by having a custom-made logo mat at the entryways of the school. Anyone who enters and exits the school will be reminded to take pride in their place of learning.

Placing good mats at the entrances can also keep dirt and other debris from being brought inside. The main entrance should have an outdoor, heavy duty mat. As an extra precaution, there should be an indoor mat to get rid of any remaining water or debris.


Students and teachers spend the majority of their time in the classroom. While students will be seated at their desks for most of the day, teachers are on their feet for long hours. An anti-fatigue mat can help alleviate the strains of standing all day in front of the classroom. It’s a budget-friendly way to improve working conditions for teachers, which can improve classroom performance and employee morale. If the teachers are happy, everyone is happy!

Kitchen & Cafeteria Safety

Placing the appropriate mats in the kitchen can cut down on accidents, keep employees comfortable, and keep regulations maintained. A non-slip anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen prep area will keep the kitchen staff comfortable, while also preventing slips and falls. These mats are specifically designed to be slip-resistant and provide enough cushioning to take away stress from the legs and backs of employees.

Areas in front of sinks should also have non-slip mats. Water is bound to spill onto the floor, but WaterHog mats can prevent employees from slipping on it. The dishwashing area is an especially risky area for slips, so a slip-resistant mat is important here.

In the cafeteria, the area in front of the buffet should have a floor mat to prevent accidents. Additionally, one mat placed at the entrance of the cafeteria can keep kids from dragging food out on the bottom of their shoes.

Multi-Purpose Common Areas

When things get busy during a basketball or volleyball game, having good mat placement can make a big difference. If there is a concessions area, there should be a mat for employees and one for customers in front of the counter. There should also be mats in front of water fountains to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

The auditorium and gymnasium should have similar mat placement. All entrances and exits should have one to reduce the dirt that gets brought into the area. It’s also a great opportunity to promote the name of the school; a large logo mat in the foyer is ideal.

Floor Mats For Schools

Keeping your school a fun and safe place to work and learn is no easy task. Fortunately, having high quality floor mats placed in all the right places can help.

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