Want to Stay Awake During Shiftwork? Sleep on the Job!

December 17, 2014

The quintessential image of a lazy employee is a person at work who is sound asleep. “Hello!!! Rip Van Winkle!” If he or she gets caught, a sleeping worker can expect at least a severe reprimand: the company might even terminate the somnolent employee. But in some professions (like truck driving or forklift operation), nodding […]

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How to Keep Your Mud Room Organized and Clean

December 13, 2014

Almost all parents have demanded that their kid clean up his or her room. But that request loses some of its punch when the child can cast a sardonic glance at a dirty, cluttered mud room. Yeah. Not gonna be real effective. The mud room is arguably the most difficult spot in the home to […]

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Incidents Are Up of People Falling Down in Manufacturing Jobs

December 10, 2014

Throughout the history of the manufacturing sector, countless people have died on the job thanks to a variety of catastrophic events. In the early 20th century, it wasn’t uncommon for workers to perish in explosions, motor-vehicle collisions, or accidents involving heavy machinery or equipment. Thankfully, a host of workplace safety measures have drastically reduced the […]

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Dissension in the Ranks: The Problem of Fake Employee Injuries

December 8, 2014

Trust is a key component of building a prosperous business. It’s vital to develop trust between business owners and their vendors, suppliers, communities, and customers. But arguably the most important area of trust is between the business owner and his or her employees, since it usually takes a team effort to achieve success. Which is […]

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Help Foster Holiday Cheer (and Fewer Problems) with Floor Mats!

December 6, 2014

The holiday season is here! For many business owners, this time of year warrants a great big holiday cheer! But ’tis also the season where these entrepreneurs put the “busy” in business owner. They have to get out all of their Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, plan and arrange their holiday marketing, and schedule additional staff […]

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How to Help Elderly People Stay in Their Homes

December 4, 2014

In early adulthood, “home” isn’t much more than where you sleep and shower. That’s because most people are a lot more adaptable, vibrant, and adventurous when they are in their twenties. But as we grow older, home becomes a sacred place where everything is familiar and we feel most protected. That’s the reason many senior […]

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How to Make Your Restaurant Greener

December 3, 2014

These days, “greening up your restaurant” does not mean adding more plants to the dining areas. But you may have trouble coming up with ways to make your restaurant more environmentally-friendly. After all, you don’t run a pollutant-laden chemical plant, a power-gulping manufacturing facility, or even a paper-producing office. So what can your little eatery […]

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What Customers Hate to See When They Walk Into a Store

November 27, 2014

Some business owners spend so much time worrying about how to attract customers that they forget about what might actually repel them. In other words, some proprietors and managers become so focused on bright signage, well-advertised discounts, and innovative promotions that they neglect to think about why customers might actually choose to avoid coming into their places of business. […]

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The Wild and Wacky Ways People Try to Remain Healthy at Work

November 23, 2014

That’s one of the biggest challenges for Americans today: how to get fit despite having a full schedule. Many people choose to jog in the morning or lift weights at the gym after work, while others invest in home exercise equipment or attend workout classes. And then there are those especially inventive office-bound individuals who […]

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Are Slip-and-Fall Accident Claims Becoming More Common?

November 20, 2014

Children aren’t the only ones who get scared when the lights go out at night. Grownups also lie awake at night thinking about bad things that can happen. This is especially true with business owners, who tend to worry about catastrophic occurrences that could bankrupt their company. What if the building burns down? Or the […]

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