The ‘Green’ DNA in Our Floor Mats

February 10, 2014

These days, everybody says that they are eco-friendly. But in reality, many companies just pay lip service in their efforts to improve the environment. They may have a recycling bin for office paper, put out an extra container for aluminum cans or plastic bottles, or commemorate Earth Day in some way every year – but […]

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6 Ways to Green Up Your Mats

December 9, 2013

People and companies are always on the lookout for ways to “green up their lives.” This may entail adjusting the office or home thermostat in order to save energy, driving fewer miles to cut down on pollution, or planting trees on your property in order to replenish wood that is used in consumer products. There […]

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5 Ways the Enviro Plus Mat Helps the Environment

May 24, 2013

It seems like all companies are claiming to be more “eco-conscious” these days. But perhaps you’re the business owner who thinks being green is more than just a slogan. You invest in CFL or LED lighting, make all of your back-office systems paperless, purchase environmentally friendly supplies and products, and recycle practically everything. In other […]

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5 Ways to Go Green with Mats

March 27, 2013

More and more businesses are committing themselves to being environmentally friendly. This affects the processes they use, the supplies they purchase, and the behaviors they adopt in running their business. If you’re earth-conscious, here’s some good news: Ultimate Mats can help “greenify” your business even more with their sturdy and attractive exterior, interior, and entry […]

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